Inventions which Changed History 1
The telephone and the television were both invented by Scotsmen.

Inventions which Changed History 1

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Man has been an inventor since he discovered uses for fire and the wheel. Some inventions have been so significant that they have altered the course of history and changed the world we live in today. This is the first of two quizzes looking at finds and inventions which have done just that.

Try this quiz to see how much you know about finds and inventions which changed the world.

The first desktop computer went on sale in 1974. Not long afterwards, Stephen Wozniack and Steven Jobs started which business?
Pineapple Computers
Banana computers
Pear Computers
Apple Computers
They built the first Apple computer in Steve Jobs' parents' garage!
Who demonstrated the first public television?
Jim Lagie Beard
John Logie Baird
James Lurgie Bead
Jake Lergie Bean
Strangely enough, color televisions were patented before black and white televisions were even fully functional
In 1450, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. What was the first thing ever printed?
A car magazine
A bible
A children's story book
A comic
The bible was appropriately called the Gutenberg Bible!
James Watt invented a type of engine which changed factory production and transport. What powered it?
The engine was quite basic but was the inspiration for how engines are made today
Two brothers are credited with inventing the modern airplane. What was their surname?
The brothers started off with a bicycle repair shop!
Alexander Graham Bell said, 'Come here Watson. I want you' on the first working what?
MP3 player
Tape recorder
Loud speaker
The telephone has been around since 1876
Thomas Edison conducted thousands of experiments in order to invent what?
The microwave
The electric lightbulb
The parachute
The roller skate
Scientists had tried and failed in the past but Edison's carbon filament was the better than the rest
How long ago was the first known wheel invented?
3,000 years ago
30 years ago
3 years ago
300 years ago
The first wheels were used by weavers and potters, not on vehicles!
The camera was first designed by Joseph N. NiƩpce. It was called the camera _______.
It was a simple design with two boxes and a screen
The radio was a huge step in communication. It was invented in which year?
The inventor was Nicola Tesla, a Serbian scientist
Author:  Angela Smith

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