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Silver nanoparticles are added to socks to stop them smelling.


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This high school Chemistry quiz is all about nanotechnology - the handling of matter on an atomic level. In 1981, Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer developed the scanning tunneling microscope. This is an instrument for imaging the surfaces of matter at the atomic level, for which they received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1986. By the end of the 1980's, this microscope had even been used to manipulate individual atoms.

Which of the following properties does NOT change when dealing with nanoparticles of a substance?
Melting point
Sensitivity to light
Atomic structure
Intermolecular forces
The substance is still made of the same atoms, only the number of them changes
The surface area to volume ratio for nanoparticles is...
much greater than for larger particles
much smaller than for larger particles
the same as larger particles
there is no difference if the particle is the same substance
This could make them useful as catalysts because one of the factors that increases the rate of a chemical reaction is to increase the surface area
Some people are concerned that nanoparticles could be...
too small to be able to manipulate
too small to be of any use
too small to see
toxic to humans
Some people believe that there should be much more testing before nanoparticles are used in humans
What is nanotechnology?
The manipulation of matter with an ipod nano
The manipulation of matter on an atomic level
The manipulation of matter on a macromolecular level
The manipulation of matter on a huge scale
'Nano' is from the Greek word 'nanos' meaning dwarf
Nanoparticles are measured in...
Nanometres = nm, 1 nm = 1 x 10-9m
Why might nanotubes be useful as drug delivery systems?
They are expensive
They are strong
They are light
They are hollow
Experiments on insects have shown that this method of delivering drugs is possible
Why are silver nanoparticles added to socks?
They prevent socks getting taken by the sock monster
They help the socks absorb moisture
They stop the socks from smelling
They make the socks lighter
Silver nanoparticles are antibacterial so they prevent bacteria causing a smell
Which of the following is NOT a current use for nanoparticles?
Sports equipment
Sun creams
It is possible that nanotechnology could be used to produce extremely dangerous weapons in the future
Why are nanoparticles used in tennis rackets?
To make them lighter and stronger
To make them faster and more accurate
To make them faster and lighter
To make them more accurate and stronger
Nanoparticles are used commercially in other sporting equipment such as golf clubs
What size of particles does nanoscience deal with?
1 - 100nm
100 - 1,000nm
1,000 - 100,000nm
1,000,000 - 10,000,000nm
In comparison, a human hair is approximately 60,000nm
Author:  Kate Gardiner

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