Community Living
These children are in a playgroup. This can be described as their 'community'.

Community Living

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The people who live in your village or town could be classed as a community.The Notting Hill Carnival began as a small community event in 1966. Now it is a huge annual event attracting thousands of visitors but still involving the local community.

See how much you know in this Citizenship quiz about Community Living.

Which of these best describes a 'community'?
A group of people living together in one place
Eating bread and drinking wine in church
Sharing or exchanging information
Traveling some distance to and from work
'Communion' or 'Holy Communion' is the term for bread and wine sharing
A community for toddlers might be .......
a bowling club
a playgroup
the Girl Guides Association
the Women's Institute
Which answer is NOT a community?
Family barbecue
Working men's club
Some communities are policed. Which of these would you expect to be so?
Fitness center
Housing estate
Housing developments are not 'managed' or 'controlled' by anyone
What is a 'community chest'?
A box to place valuables at the swimming pool
A fund for charitable activities in the community
A get-together where locals can air their concerns
A shield above the local community center
It is also a card in Monopoly!
If a community center was being closed, what might the locals form?
A leisure group
A measure group
A pressure group
A treasure group
What is the purpose of pressure groups?
To campaign
To gossip
To socialize
To party
Pressure groups also 'lobby' their MPs. What does this mean?
Bribing them with money to listen to their cause
Inviting them to local sports events
Requesting that their views be heard by the Government
Throwing rotten tomatoes and eggs at them
How would you make a newcomer to the area feel part of the community?
Invite them to events at the local community center
Ensure they get a copy of the regular newsletter
Find out their interests and advise of suitable clubs
All of the above
A community for the older generation might be .......
a ballroom dancing club
a karate club
a youth center
an extreme activities club
Author:  Frank Evans

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