Rights and Responsibilities
'International Human Rights Day' is celebrated every year on December 10th.

Rights and Responsibilities

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Laws are in place to ensure everyone gets equal rights. It was events of the Second World War that paved the way for universal human rights to be given greater importance around the world.

See how much you know in our Citizenship quiz on Rights and Responsibilities.

Which of these is NOT a legal right?
Equal Pay Act
Race Relations Act
Sex Discrimination Act
Watch TV All Night Act
Not yet anyway!
What is the name of a special court set up by the government to examine problems such as war crimes?
Which of these is acting irresponsibly?
Doing homework as soon as you get home from school
Helping with the washing up
Offering to take the dog for a walk
Taking money from Mom's pocketbook without asking
Responsibilites could be seen as 'unwritten rules'
Many people with disabilities are still unaware of their rights. Which of these is a good way to raise awareness?
Leaflets via mail
Television advertisements
All of the above
These forms of adverts will reach a wide audience
What does UDHR stand for?
United Democracy of Human Responsibilites
Universal Decision of Human Respect
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Unlimited Decency Honor and Respect
Which charity played a key role in getting The Animal Welfare Act passed in 2006?
RSPCA = the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
On which day is 'International Human Rights Day' celebrated every year?
1 January
7 March
19 September
10 December
Which of these is acting responsibly?
Keeping phone conversations brief
Listening to loud music repeatedly
Not tidying your bedroom
Returning home later than requested
What is the name of the national disability charity that focuses on people with cerebral palsy?
Scope lobby politicians for laws that give disabled people rights and protect them against discrimination
When a law is passed to protect a human right, what does it become?
A court right
A lawful right
A legal right
An official right
Laws give everyone equal rights
Author:  Frank Evans

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