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The Spanish Armada 2
It is said that Francis Drake was playing bowls when the Armada was sighted.

The Spanish Armada 2

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The Spanish Armada wanted revenge on Sir Francis Drake, amongst other things. Of the fleet's initial complement, about 50 vessels failed to make it back to Spain. The expedition was the largest engagement of the undeclared Anglo–Spanish War (1585–1604).

Have a go at our second History quiz on the Spanish Armada.

Who was commander of the English fleet?
Earl of Leicester
Lord Howard of Effingham
Lord Hugh of Swaffingham
Sir Francis Drake
He was Queen Elizabeth's cousin
As the Armada retreated, over 20 ships were lost off the coast of where?
Wrecked due to bad weather, illness and lack of maps
Who lead the Spanish army in the Netherlands?
Duke of Alba
Duke of Catalonia
Duke of Lombardy
Duke of Parma
The troops planned to join the Spanish fleet
As it sailed, the Armada took up what formation?
Christmas tree
With the faster, heavily armed ships on the 'wings'
How were people told of the Armada's arrival?
By lighting beacons
By men on horseback
By sending up flares
By sounding warning sirens
Beacons - the Elizabethan version of 'Hotmail'?
Who eventually commanded the Armada?
Duke of Braga-Esposende
Duke of Espina-Pravia
Duke of Medina-Sidonia
Duke of Sada-Carreira
Not the best choice - he suffered from sea sickness!
In her victory speech, Elizabeth claimed to have what?
A crush on Francis Drake
More power than any other monarch in Europe
The courage of a lion
The heart and stomach of a king
The famous speech was made at Tilbury in Essex
The story goes that Drake was doing what when the Armada was sighted?
Having tea with the Queen
Playing bowls
Practicing archery
Washing his hair
He finished his game first - cool customer!
What was the main battle between the two fleets?
Battle of Calais
Battle of Coulogne
Battle of Gravelines
Battle of Winchelsea
What destroyed the Armada's close formation?
A mutiny by the Spanish sailors
A shark attack
A tidal wave
English fireships
Author:  Jan Crompton

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