Women and the Vote
The Suffragette Emily Davison died after running in front of the King's racehorse.

Women and the Vote

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The Suffragettes were the women who wanted to be able to vote. At the start of the 20th century many campaigners believed that greater political power for women would lead to an improvement in the status of women and their position in society.

Try the following History quiz about Women and the Vote.

Which is the correct spelling for women wanting the vote?
The movement was founded in 1903
By what letters was the Suffragette movement officially known?
Women's Social and Political Union
The Suffragettes were least likely to do what?
Carry out attacks on politicians and their homes
Chain themselves to railings
Smash windows
Write letters to the newspapers
Members were often arrested and put in prison
Who lead the less violent Suffragist group?
Amy Garrett
Harriet Peterson
Millicent Fawcett
Sarah Tennant
They were much more patient in their approach
Who founded the Suffragette movement?
Elizabeth Patterson
Emmeline Pankhurst
Esmerelda Pinkerton
Evangeline Parkinson
The two daughters of Mrs Pankhurst were called what?
Angela and Clarissa
Marianne and Antonia
Sylvia and Christabel
Victoria and Eleanor
They were also involved in the violent protests
How did Suffragettes carry on their protest in prison?
Climbing onto the roof
Hunger strikes
Painting slogans on the prison walls
Refusing to wear clothes
They were brutally force fed
What was the Suffragettes' slogan?
All men are evil
Ballot or bust
Deeds not words
One woman one vote
Which Suffragette died after running in front of the King's racehorse?
Elaine Danvers
Emilia Davis
Emily Davison
Emma Dawson
At the 1913 Derby - the horse was called Anmer
In 1918, women over what age were allowed to vote?
Those over 21 got the vote in 1928
Author:  Jan Crompton

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