Indian Musical Genres
The tabla is the instrument usually used to play the theka.

Indian Musical Genres

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You will find 'tal' in all Indian musical genres - but what is it? India's classical music tradition has a history spanning millennia and it remains fundamental to the lives of Indians today as sources of spiritual inspiration, cultural expression and pure entertainment.

Try this quiz on Indian Music Genres.

What best describes 'tal'?
The system of dynamics
The system of key signature changes
The system of rhythm in Indian music as a whole
The system of volume
What is a 'swar'?
The volume
The note/pitch
The tempo
All of the above
What is 'theka'?
A key change pattern
A dynamic change
A drumming pattern identified by a particular tal
All of the above
Used for keeping time in music
What best describes a 'rag'?
A type of experimental jazz
A genre of rock music from the 1980s
The modal basis of Indian classical music
None of the above
Strictly speaking, a prescribed selection of melodic material that is the basis for composition and improvisation
What is an asthayi?
The first part of a composition
The second part of a composition
The third part of a composition
None of the above
The swar is usually in the middle/lower registers
What instrument is the theka usually played by?
Electric Guitar
What is the swar for an antara?
Mostly in the upper register
Mostly in the lower/middle register
Nothing to do with pitch, just played loudly!
None of the above
What is a bhajan/qawwali?
An instrumental solo
An orchestra work
A type of song
None of the above
Bhajan/qawwali represents what kind of music?
Experimental jazz
Strictly speaking, a 'devotional song' with no fixed form
What is an 'antara'?
The first part of a composition
The second part of a composition
The third part of a composition
The fourth part of a composition
Author:  Thomas Daish

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