Jazz Improvisation
Piano, double bass and drums all feature in a rhythm section in a band.

Jazz Improvisation

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Blues music is synonymous with jazz. The word 'jazz' began as a West Coast slang term and was first used to refer to music in Chicago in about 1915.

This Music quiz looks specifically at the basics of Jazz, Blues, Jazz Improvisation, Scales, Structures, Chord patterns etc.

Blues music originated in .......
African-American communities (USA) in late 19th century
France - in the 1970s in revolt to mainstream rock
London - in the 1960s
USA - 1999, as a new music to celebrate the millennium
Particularly from the Deep south, it is derived from spirituals, work songs, chants, shouts and simple ballads
A blue note is a .......
dynamic function
note played a bit lower than its pitch in a major scale
rhythmic function
special painted key on a keyboard instrument
Its function is entirely expressive and is a key element of the blues scale
What best describes a motif (or 'motive')?
A type of sheet music printing font
A type of 18th century dance
A short and recurring characteristic musical fragment
None of the above
In that case, what best describes a riff?
A repeated backing progression/melodic figure
A swishing sound generated by an electric guitar
A type of Indian flute
None of the above
A riff is an ostinato figure that forms the basis of a composition. It's very commonly found in rock and jazz music
Music derived from modes and transpositions of the 'white note scale' is commonly referred to as .......
'Call and response' is a succession of .......
different dynamics
different key signatures over 8 bars
different time signatures over 4 bars
two distinct phrases often played by different musicians
Second phrase = often heard as commentary/'response' to the first
Which chord symbols move from tonic to dominant?
I - IV
I - II
II - V - I
None of the above
Tonic to dominant = I - V. V - I = dominant to tonic!
Which chord/bar structure is common in blues/jazz?
Which instruments make up a rhythm section in a band?
All of the above
Which was a famous blues/jazz musician?
J.S. Bach
Lang Lang
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Miles Davis
Author:  Thomas Daish

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