Music and Media
Music in a play, tv program, radio or video game is known as incidental music.

Music and Media

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Music is used extensively in media such as films, TV and advertising. A famous quote from John Lennon; "I don't know which will go first - rock 'n' roll or Christianity."

This quiz focuses on music in the media.

Music is found in what types of media?
All the above
Which of these is a film composer?
Claudio Monteverdi
J.S. Bach
John Williams
Ludwig Van Beethoven
What is the main function of music in film?
As a convenient space filler
It doesn't really have a function - there's little point!
To compensate for the bad acting
To enhance the effect of the scene
Music provides an additional finer layer of description to a scene: for instance music can be used in film to represent emotion, violence, nature etc.
What is incidental music?
Music with lots of sudden dynamic sections
Music which represents different types of dance
Music in a play, tv program, radio, video games etc.
None of the above
Strictly speaking it's a music format used in the context of something not primarily musical. Films tend not to fall in this category and are usually referred to as soundtracks
What does the term 'sforzando' relate to?
Key signature
Which uses music for purposes of commercial gain?
Video games
Technically all of the above
It's true! If you think about it, all of the above feature common themes which are designed to become both familiar and appealing to the consumer
What is another way of describing 'discord'?
What is a 'resolution'?
Movement from a dissonant to a consonant chord
Movement from a consonant to a dissonant chord
Movement from a loud to a quiet dynamic
Movement from a fast to a slow tempo
What best describes timbre?
A way of distinguishing different kinds of sound
A tempo marking
A bpm marking
None of the above
What is a 'chromatic' movement?
A type of slow movement in a concerto
A scale or sequence where notes move in semi-tones
A change of tempo
None of the above
Author:  Thomas Daish

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