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An acoustic instrument is one producing sound by entirely natural means.


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In music, soundscape compositions are often a form of electronic music, or electroacoustic music.

Test your knowledge on the subject by playing the following quiz on the elements behind the Unit 3 Soundscapes module.

Delay is best described as .......
the gap of time between pieces in a live show/concert
the measured time it takes for sound to travel the room
the playback of an input signal after a period of time
the silent gap between tracks on a music CD
Delay is often used in live electric guitar improvisations
What is an analog recording?
A recording using a special type of instrument
A recording using a special type of microphone
The recording of numbers as opposed to waveforms
The recording of waveforms as they are
What is an 'acoustic' instrument?
A sound card that changes background acoustics
An effect pedal that produces a specific sound
An equalization setting to make higher tones audible
An instrument producing sound by entirely natural means
However, some musicians use separate sound amplification devices
What is reverb?
A discrete grammatical alteration in live vocal songs
A form of vibrato
A sound's persistence once removed from a certain space
Playback of a soundtrack in reverse
What does MIDI stand for?
Multi Instrument Digital Interface
Multi Instrument Dynamic Indication
Multitrack Inaugaral Dynamic Input
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
A sampler .......
generates obscure sounds through a keyboard
is a library of editing presets commonly used in studios
is used to loop passages in a live performance
records and plays sounds using keyboard/sequencer triggers
Remember, it records, plays back. It does not generate
A 'sound envelope' best describes .......
a folder for sending saved sounds to and from computers
the attack, sustain and decay of a sound or note
the decompression of a sound file to a smaller format
the structure of a piece of music
What is a vocoder?
A device used for analyzing and synthesizing a voice
A device used to generate a rhythmic stuttering sound
A low sounding type of bass recorder built in the 1800s
A video to sound file conversion editing program
How is digital recording different to analog?
Analog is used more often than digital
Digital recordings are an unstable and unpopular format
Waveforms are converted to numbers which are recorded
Waveforms do not undergo conversion
Which is the best example of an 'electronic' instrument?
Others are electric guitar, bass guitar, 'keytar' etc.
Author:  Thomas Daish

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