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The Song
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The Song

This Music quiz is called 'The Song' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at high school. Playing educational quizzes is a user-friendly way to learn if you are in the 9th or 10th grade - aged 14 to 16.

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A song must include a voice! A song may be accompanied by musical instruments, or it may be unaccompanied, as in the case of a cappella songs.

This quiz is based upon the requirements set for the final unit of the music syllabus in high school - 'The Song'.

Hooks and riffs are a common feature of .......
popular music from the 20th century onwards
solo concertos
baroque ensemble music
None of the above
Where is a hook usually found in a pop song?
The beginning of the song
The chorus
The end of the song
None of the above
It's a musical idea or phrase that is intended to be 'catchy' and defining of the song as a whole
What is a riff?
A cadenza section in a concerto
A repeated accompanying progression
A type of dance
A type of harmonic played by a guitar
Be it chordal or melodic. Often played by the rhythm section
What do song words and music often convey?
Social messages
Political messages
Cultural messages
All of the above
Perhaps a reason why songs have been so successful and enduring throughout different times and cultures. They are multi-functional and easily accessible
How are songs often arranged today?
By using a pen and paper
They're usually improvised
Using music technology
None of the above
What does MIDI stand for?
Motion, Ignition and Dynamic Interface
Multi Instrument Digital Interface
Multi Instrument Drumming Interface
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Multitrack is a method of .......
enhancing guitar effects pedals
sound recording
composing concertos
All of the above
Pioneered in the 1950s by the same Les Paul who invented the solid-body electric guitar (still sold and very commonly used today!)
What is a backing track?
A slow, reflective song
An accompanying audio or midi recording
An upbeat song with vocals and guitar solo
The technical term for a single at No. 2 in the charts
What is meant by 'lead'?
A band member who sings/plays the main parts of the song
A type of metal used to coat guitar frets
A heavier genre of music than rock/metal
None of the above
A pop ballad is often referred to as .......
a comedic song designed to entertain
a fast, aggressive track
a type of song based upon a drone
an emotional love song
Author:  Thomas Daish

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