Time and Key Signatures
There are six eighth notes in a 6/8 time signature.

Time and Key Signatures

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You will find eighth notes and beats in relation to time and key signatures in music. "Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule. Nevertheless one had better know the rules, for they sometimes guide in doubtful cases," so said Samuel Butler.

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How many sharps or flats are in the key of G major?
1 sharp (F sharp)
2 flats (B and E flat)
3 sharps (F, C and G sharp)
What is a time signature?
A set time limit for the performance
A signed calendar date printed on the score
A way of showing how many beats a bar is made up of
The average time a piece of music takes to play
How many sharps or flats are in the key of C major?
1 flat (B flat)
1 sharp and 1 flat (F sharp and B flat)
2 sharps (F and C sharp)
Sharps and flats are never used in the same signature
How many beats are in a 3/4 time signature?
3 eighth note beats
3 crotchet beats
4 half note beats
4 crotchet beats
This time signature is in all 'waltz' and 'minuet' dances
How many flats are in the key of B flat major?
1 (B flat)
2 (B and E flat)
3 (B, E and A flat)
4 (B, E, A and D flat)
What does a key signature illustrate?
How many chord changes occur in the music
The central melodic themes of the music being played
The number of piano keys used to play the piece
Which and how many sharps/flats are used in the music
What major key signature has three sharps?
A major
D major
E major
F major
What is 'common time'?
A method of describing a repeated rhythm
An alternative way of writing the 4/4 time signature
The average speed of a piece
The grouping of equal rhythms
A large 'C' is used to indicate common time on scores
How many beats are in a 12/8 time signature?
8 crotchet beats per bar
8 eighth note beats per bar
12 crotchet beats per bar
12 eighth note beats per bar
How many eighth notes are in a 6/8 time signature?
The 8 represents a eighth note, the 6 defines the quantity
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