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Hooks, rags and fortes all appear in this year 9 revision music quiz. Aretha Franklin states, "I always felt rock and roll was very, very wholesome music."

This revision quiz goes over elements of the high school syllabus and contains selected material from each of the Year 9 units. Get rockin' and rollin' with this quiz!

What is a 'tal'?
The system of rhythm in Indian music as a whole
System of volume
A solo vocal track
None of the above
What best describes a concerto?
A 3-movement work with accompanied solo instrument
A concert featuring a type of strobe lighting effect
A type of Italian opera
An especially long concert
A soloist with outstanding ability is called a .......
complete show off!
Remember, a cadenza isn't a type of soloist, it's what soloists tend to actually play in concertos!
Which part of an Indian composition is 'asthayi'?
The first
The second
The third
The fourth
What does the term 'forte' relate to?
Which of these is NOT a film composer?
Danny Elfman
Howard Shore
John Williams
Robert Schumann
What is a 'swar'?
A type of solo concerto
The note/pitch of a piece of Indian music
The tempo of an African dance
The volume of a piece of Indian music
What is a 'rag'?
A type of progressive rock
A type of cleaning cloth for woodwind instruments
A type of experimental rock
The modal basis of Indian classical music
Strictly speaking, a prescribed selection of melodic material that is the basis for composition and improvisation
What is 'incidental music'?
Music with sudden dynamic sections
A type of dance music
Music featured in plays, tv shows, radio, video games etc
None of the above
Strictly speaking, it's a music format used in the context of something not primarily musical. Films don't tend to fall in this category as they are usually referred to as soundtracks
Where is a hook usually found in a pop song?
At the end of the song
In the chorus
In the guitar line
At the beginning of the song
It's a musical idea or phrase that is meant to be 'catchy' and defining of the song as a whole
Author:  Thomas Daish

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