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Author - Tom Clancy
The 2003 novel, The Teeth of the Tiger, introduces the reader to Jack Ryan Jr.

Author - Tom Clancy

Thomas Leo Clancy was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1947. He graduated from Loyola University in Baltimore with a degree in English literature and then began working for an insurance company, writing for fun in his spare time. His debut novel, The Hunt for Red October was published in 1984 and Clancy’s career as a writer took off.

Over the next 29 years Clancy wrote more than 20 novels, including Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger and Red Storm Rising. He also wrote 11 works of non-fiction, looking mostly at the USA’s armed forces. He died in 2013 at the age of 66.

So well known is Tom Clancy in the world of technically detailed science and military proceedings that video games carry his name solely for promotional purposes! If you love novels about techno thrillers and espionage then this quiz is likely to pose few problems for you.

What was Clancy's middle name?
His full name was Thomas Leo Clancy, Junior
Clancy studied English Literature at Loyola College, in which US city?
New York
He was educated privately at the Catholic Loyola Blakefield high school before he went to college
What is Red October in the title of Clancy's 1984 novel?
A fighter plane
A nuclear submarine
A terrorist group
A virus
Sean Connery played the submarine's commander in the 1990 film version
Who played Jack Ryan in the 2002 film The Sum of All Fears?
Ben Affleck
Alec Baldwin
Tom Cruise
Harrison Ford
Baldwin and Ford have played Ryan in other films
Which 2003 novel introduced Ryan's son, Jack Ryan Jr?
The Eye of the Tiger
The Heart of the Tiger
The Tail of the Tiger
The Teeth of the Tiger
As well as introducing the reader to Jack Ryan, Jr., the book is also the first place we see "the Campus," a highly secret intelligence agency
In the novel Patriot Games, whom does Ryan save from terrorist attack?
Lord Holmes
Prince Charles
Princess Anne
The Queen
Lord Holmes, played by James Fox, is the target in the 2002 film version
Although the Op-Center series of novels were Clancy's idea, they were actually written by whom?
Jeff Raven
Jeff Riven
Jeff Rovin
Jeff Ruven
There were originally 12 Op-Center novels written by Rovin between 1995 and 2005. There have, however, been more written by other writers since 2014
What is the title of Clancy's 1996 non-fiction book about the inner workings of a military unit?
The book's full title is Marine: A Guided Tour of a Marine Expeditionary Unit
What is the name of the federal agency co-created by Clancy and Steve Pieczenik, although written by Steve Perry and set in the year 2018?
Alpha Force
Delta Force
Net Force
Trident Force
Like Op-Center, Net Force was created by Tom Clancy but written by another author - in this case Steve Perry
What is the title of Clancy's 1988 novel, the sequel to The Hunt for Red October?
The Cardinal of the Kremlin
The Keeper of the Kremlin
The King of the Kremlin
The Secret of the Kremlin
A film, based on the book and involving both Harrison Ford and William Shatner, was rumoured to be in the pipeline, though it has never materialised


Author:  Tony Rennick

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