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Genre - Novels 2
Whisky Galore! is a novel by Compton Mackenzie.

Genre - Novels 2

What distinguishes a novel from any other type of book? Well there are a few criteria any publication needs before it can be considered a novel. Let’s take a look at the first: A novel is a work of fiction. That does not mean, however, that it cannot be embellished by a sprinkling of fact. Historical novels are a good case in point. They can help us to understand what life was like in the past in a way not possible in textbooks. The same is true of works written long ago – no author can teach us so much about Victorian life than the great Victorian writer Charles Dickens.

The English language has been blessed with many great novelists and we regret not being able to include questions about all of them. Fortunately we have been able to include such distinguished names as Kingsley Amis, DH Lawrence, Stella Gibbons, Compton Mackenzie, John Steinbeck and Ian McEwan. So have a go at this, the second of our four quizzes on novels, and see how well you know their works.

Ian McEwan won the Booker Prize in 1998 for which novel?
Amsterdam tells the story of a euthanasia pact between two friends, which ends in disaster.
What is the title of the 1947 novel by Compton Mackenzie?
Whisky A-Go-Go!
Whisky Ahoy!
Whisky Galore!
Whisky Heaven!
A ship carrying whisky is wrecked off a remote Scottish island group, much to the delight of the locals
In the DH Lawrence novel Lady Chatterley's Lover, what is the name of the gamekeeper?
Oliver Mallows
Oliver Mellors
Oliver Miller
Oliver Molloy
The book was heavily edited when it was first published in 1929. It was not until 1960 that the full version was published - and then the publisher was tried under the Obscene Publications Act
What is the title of Stella Gibbons's 1932 comic novel?
Cold Comfort Farm
Cold Heart Farm
Cold Start Farm
Cold Turkey Farm
She wrote more than 20 other novels, but none of them could match the success of her first
The 1993 Irvine Welsh novel Trainspotting is set in which city?
The novel was adapted into a film in 1996, starring Ewan McGregor and Robert Carlyle
Kingsley Amis's 1954 novel Lucky Jim is set in what type of establishment?
A car factory
A holiday camp
A hospital
A university
Ian Carmichael played the title role in the 1957 film version
Who wrote the novel Vanity Fair, first published in monthly parts between 1847 and 1848?
Wilkie Collins
Charles Dickens
William Makepeace Thackeray
Anthony Trollope
The book has the subtitle A Novel without a Hero
Which John Steinbeck novel follows the Joad Family as they journey from Oklahoma to California?
East of Eden
The Grapes of Wrath
In Dubious Battle
Tortilla Flat
The story takes place during the Great Depression of the 1930s
Who wrote the 1980s novels Hollywood Wives and Hollywood Husbands?
Jackie Collins
Joan Collins
Patricia Cornwell
Danielle Steel
She wrote a total of 32 novels, all of which were bestsellers
Who wrote the World War Two novel Catch-22?
Joseph Haller
Joseph Halley
Joseph Heller
Joseph Hiller
The phrase 'Catch-22' has come to mean a situation in which there are two options which negate one another


Author:  Tony Rennick

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