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Buglife works to save our smallest endangered species.


This quiz has been kindly written by Rory Dimond from Buglife, the UK charity actively working to save Britain’s rarest little animals, everything from bees to beetles, worms to woodlice and jumping spiders to jellyfish.

If someone asked you to name an endangered species, you might think of big animals like pandas, elephants or gorillas but there are many much smaller creatures that also need our help, like snails, insects and spiders. Invertebrates (animals without a backbone) are the little things that run the world. They recycle waste, control pests and pollinate flowers so that we can grow many of our fruits and vegetables. Buglife is a UK environment charity which aims to halt the extinction of invertebrate species and to achieve sustainable populations of invertebrates for future generations. This quiz hopes to raise awareness of Buglife’s work and what they are doing to help the little things. See their website for lots more information, and help with answering the questions!

What group of living things does Buglife work to conserve?
All invertebrates
Buglife aims to conserve all invertebrates in the UK and Ireland
What kind of habitat is Canvey Wick, Buglife’s bug reserve?
Many people think brownfields are wastelands, but they are great habitats for bugs and some need protecting. See Buglife’s Brownfields webpage
Buglife has a project to link up corridors of wildflower-rich habitat for pollinating insects and other wildlife. What is it called?
…as in the phrase to “make a bee line” for something. These corridors will help wildlife to move across the country and provide lots more food for pollinators
What is Buglife’s symbol?
An ant eye
A beetle head
A snail shell
A ladybird
Buglife’s spiral symbol looks like a snail shell
If you want to garden for bumblebees, which of these does Buglife recommend?
Planting perennial flowers
Using organic pesticides
Planting flowering bedding plants
Cutting all grass short
Perennial flowers (plants which flower for several years) have lots of tasty pollen and nectar for bumblebees. The other things aren’t liked by bumblebees
What kind of insect nests does Buglife’s ‘Nest Quest' project encourage people to record?
Carpenter Bees
Tree Wasps
Drywood Termites
Wood Ants
Send in your selfies with wood ant nests to help Buglife record where they live
Buglife has a project called ‘Get Britain Buzzing’ to conserve wild pollinators. Which of these is NOT true about pollinators?
Pollinators have declined by more than two thirds in Britain
Pollinators provide millions of pounds worth of crops a year in Britain
Honeybees are more important than wild pollinators
Pollinators help flowers grow in the countryside
We need our wild pollinators just as much as honeybees if not more so and it is vital that we keep Britain buzzing. Just look at all the benefits pollinators bring!
According to Buglife’s ‘Spider Bites’ page, which of these is true about spiders in the UK?
UK Spider bites can kill you
UK spider bites can cause serious injury
Spider bites can give you infections
Most UK spiders can’t bite through human skin
There are no dangerous spiders breeding in the UK, and they are more likely to run away than bite you
Buglife’s Bugs on the Brink project aims to conserve the invertebrates of St Helena. How many unique species are found on this island?
20 species
40 species
200 species
400 species
Since so many invertebrates on St Helena are found nowhere else on earth, the habitats on these islands must be protected to prevent them from going extinct
Buglife is involved in species conservation projects. Which of these species is found in more than one area of the UK?
Scarlet malachite beetle
Bordered brown lacewing
Bog hoverfly
Horrid ground weaver
..but it is still only found on 8 sites to date. Now you can see just how rare some invertebrates are and why they need special help from Buglife
Author:  Graeme Haw

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