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Motability 01
See if you can get full marks in this informative quiz.

Motability 01

The Motability Scheme enables thousands of disabled people to obtain a car, powered wheelchair or scooter by using their Government-funded mobility allowances. Find out more by playing our Motability quiz.

Who is the Chief Patron of Motability?
David Beckham
Dermot O Leary
Her Majesty The Queen
Joanna Lumley
At what age can disabled people start driving?
What is the most common type of adaptation for Motability cars?
Left foot accelerators
Push/pull brake/accelerator
Rooftop wheelchair stowage
Swivel seat
What is the most popular type of vehicle available on the Motability Scheme?
Powered wheelchairs
Standard production cars
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
When did the Motability Scheme begin?
The Motability Scheme began in 1978, offering disabled people a chance to use their Government-funded Mobility Allowance to afford a brand new car from any manufacturer
What does Motability aim to do?
To provide adaptations to help disabled people get around their homes, e.g. ramps, hand rails etc
To provide scooters people can hire while they do their shopping
To provide sports equipment to disabled people
To provide vehicles and associated services to disabled people to enable them to achieve enhanced mobility
What is Motability?
A car dealership
A charity
A hire company for shopping scooters
A private leasing company
Motability is a charity which oversees the Motability Scheme, administers Government funds for adaptations and heavily-adapted vehicles and raises money to help people afford the mobility solution they would not otherwise be able to afford
How many cars are available for people to choose on the Motability Scheme?
Fewer than 500
Between 500 and 2,000
Between 2,000 and 4000
More than 4,000
There are over 4,000 vehicles to choose from on the Motability Scheme, from all the leading manufacturers, e.g. Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volvo, etc.
What are WAV's?
Water active vehicles
Wheelchair able vehicles
Wheelchair able veterans
Wheelchair accessible vehicles
WAV's are heavily adapted cars and people carriers. They allow people to travel in their wheelchair, rather than transfer from a wheelchair into the car seat
What percentage of all new cars sold in the UK are bought by Motability?
2 percent
6 percent
8 percent
10 percent
Nearly 600,000 disabled people and their families currently lease a Motability car and the Motability Scheme has supplied over 2 million cars since it began
Find more information at the Motability website. Many thanks to Eloise Anthony at Motability for her valued help.
Author:  Andy Lawson

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