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What do you know about the PDSA?


PDSA provide more than 2.2 million free treatments to sick and injured pets and more than 360,000 preventive treatments, all funded by public support. Play this quiz to find out more.

What is the name of PDSA’s kids club?
Animal Antics Club
Animal Care Club
PDSA Animal Mad Club
The Pet Protectors Club
The Pet Protectors Club is PDSA's club for animal mad kids. Members receive a welcome pack including a membership card, badge and posters as well as our magazine Animal Antics delivered every 2 months
Who founded PDSA?
Dian Fossey
Konnie Huq
Maria Dickin, CBE
Michaela Strachan
By 1935 Maria had established five PDSA hospitals, 71 dispensaries and 11 motor caravan dispensaries. She had also opened dispensaries in Egypt and Greece. In the next couple of years, dispensaries were also opened in South Africa and Palestine
How many PDSA PetAid hospitals are there in the UK?
PDSA currently has 49 PetAid hospitals around the UK. We also provide some free treatments through private practices in areas where we don't have hospitals to ensure that we help as many animals in need as we can
What year did PDSA begin?
PDSA was founded in 1917, to prevent the suffering of animals by offering free veterinary treatment to anyone in need
Can you name the only cat who has received one of PDSA's bravery awards?
Simon the cat served on the HMS Amethyst and was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal in 1949. Simon was wounded by a huge blast, but continued to hunt rats to protect the men and food on board
What is the name of the medal that PDSA awards to brave animals from the Armed Forces?
PDSA Dickin Medal
Victoria Cross
PDSA Gold Medal
Bravery Medal
It has been awarded to animals who have displayed outstanding acts of bravery in conflict since 1943. Animals that have received the award included pigeons, horses, dogs and even a cat!
Who is the PDSA patron?
HRH Prince Harry
HRH Prince William
HRH Princess Alexandra
HRH Princess Margaret
PDSA has enjoyed Royal patronage since 1919. HRH Princess Alexandra has been the PDSA Patron since 1972, when she took over the duty following the death of her mother, HRH Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent
How much will it cost PDSA to provide its services in 2011?
Less than £15 million
Between £15 million and £27 million
Between £27 million and £53 million
More than £53 million
It will cost PDSA over £53 million to care for sick and injured pets during 2011. We are entirely funded by the public, relying on donations from our fantastic supporters
What does PDSA stand for?
People, Dogs and Silly Animals
People's Dispensary for Sick Animals
Poorly Dogs and Sick Animals
Protection for Dogs and Sick Animals
What does PDSA do?
Care for the sick and injured pets of people in need
Look after pets when their owners go on holiday
Re-home pets
Release animals back into the wild
PDSA provides veterinary treatment for the pets of people who are in financial difficulty and are unable to cover the cost of veterinary treatment for their pet
Find more information at the PDSA website. Many thanks to Lyndsey Evans, Youth and Education Executive at PDSA for writing this quiz.
Author:  Andy Lawson

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