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African Flags 3
Africa has a collection of different landscapes, from dense jungles to barren deserts.

African Flags 3

Due to its size and its position astride the equator, Africa has a whole range of climates, from deserts and arid savannahs to rainforests and even subarctic mountains. Camels roam the deserts, elephants inhabit the vast plains and gorillas can be found in the deepest parts of the forests. Africa is truly a wonder of biodiversity.

Due to these variations in landscape, the countries of Africa also differ greatly, from the desert lands of the North, such as Libya or Morocco, and the savannahs of Kenya. to the central jungles found in such places as the Congo.

The 52 countries of Africa have many different features in their cultures, their languages and their landscapes, but this quiz is about their different flags.

Which nation, made up of 155 islands in the Indian Ocean, is represented by this flag? It has the smallest population of all the African countries at just 90,024
Cape Verde
St Helena
Seychelles, renowned as a holiday destination, gained independence from Britain in 1976. The current flag was adopted in 1996, replacing the red, white and green in use since independence
This flag belongs to which North African country whose name can be found by adding two letters - 'i' and 'a' - to the name of its capital city?
The capital city of Tunisia is, of course, Tunis.
The Tunisian flag is very similar to the naval ensign of the once great Ottoman Empire, which lasted for more than 600 years and of which Tunisia was a part
The nation to which this flag belongs is the fourth largest island in the world. What is its name?
São Tomé
Cape Verde
St Helena
Madagascar, off the East coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, has an area of 226,597 square miles (587,041 square km). Only Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo are larger. For comparison, Great Britain is the 9th largest island on Earth and is roughly one third the size of Madagascar.
Because of its isolation, Madagasgar is home to some unique species of both plant and animal and is the only place on Earth where Lemurs can be found in the wild
To which country, the only African nation to have Spanish as an official language, does this flag belong? Its capital is Malabo and its largest city is Bata
Sierra Leone
Equatorial Guinea
The green on the flag represents nature, the blue is for the sea, white is for peace and the red symbolises blood shed during the fight for independence, which was won in 1968. In 1973 the flag was altered by President Francisco Nguema, however, he was deposed in 1979 and the original flag was reinstated
This flag belongs to which North African country? Tourists are drawn there to see some of the oldest buildings on Earth.
The ancient buildings are, of course, the Pyramids. The oldest is the Step Pyramid, built around 2650 BC for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser. The Step Pyramid is 203 feet (62m) tall and would originally have been covered with polished white limestone which would have made it gleam in the African sun
To which nation does this flag belong? During the 16th - 18th centuries the country was nicknamed "the Slave Cost" by Americans and Europeans due to the main commodity they took from it. Its capital city is Lome and its official language is French.
A German protectorate since the 1800s, "Togoland" was given to France after World War I, from whom it gained its independence in 1960
Which country does this flag represent? Its capital city is Lilongwe, and the country was called Nyasaland until it gained independence from Britain in 1964 and adopted its current name.
The black on the flag represents the African people, the red their struggle for freedom and the green represents nature. The rising sun symbolises the dawn of hope felt at the time of independence.
In 2010 a new flag was adopted, in which the positions of the red and the black stripes were swapped and the sun was replaced with a full, white sun in the flag's centre. However, the new flag was challenged in court by the opposition party and is not popular amongst the citizens of Malawi
Which landlocked, East African country is represented by this flag? A former British colony, the nation gained its independence in 1962. It has a population of approximately 36,000,000 and its capital city is Kampala.
South Sudan
D R Congo
The three colours on the flag - black, yellow and red - represent the African people, the African sunshine and African brotherhood respectively. The symbol of Uganda, a grey crowned crane, completes the flag. The crane was the badge of Ugandan soldiers during the period of British rule
This flag is based on that of the USA, and the capital city of the country it represents is Monrovia, named after James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States. It is the only African country to have been founded by American colonists, but what is its name?
Western Sahara
In 1820 the Americans began to send African-Americans, mostly freed slaves, to the "pepper cost" in Africa. Slaves who were freed from ships which had been captured by the British were also sent there, and in 1847 the nation of Liberia was founded. The name "Liberia" comes from the word liberty, meaning freedom
The French flag (pictured) represents this island. It is officially a department of France with the same status as those in Europe, despite being situated in the Indian Ocean to the East of Madagascar. The island was once called Bourbon but has had what name since 1848?
In 1801 the island was called "Ile Bonaparte" after Napoleon. It was taken by the British in 1810 and renamed Bourbon. Given back to France in 1815 after Napolean's defeat it retained its name until 1848, when it was renamed Réunion


Author:  Graeme Haw

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