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North and South American Flags 6
Since the days of its discovery by European explorers, shipping has been mysteriously disappearing in the seas south of Bermuda.

North and South American Flags 6

There are thirty five sovereign states to be found in the Americas. There are also several territories, departments and countries belonging to Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and the USA. The largest country in the New World is Canada which covers an area of 3.9 million square miles (10 million square km), whilst the smallest territory is Navassa Island, an uninhabited territory of the USA which covers only 2 square miles (5.4 square km).

The most populous country in the Americas is the USA with an estimated 319 million inhabitants, whilst the lowest population of an inhabited territory is found in the British territory of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands - home to just 30 people.

This quiz will tell you more about some of these countries, regions, departments and states, and the flags used to represent them.

This flag represents which country?
United States
Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of area. Its name comes from Kanata, the native Iroquoian word for 'settlement'
This is the flag of which country, which is also the largest island in the Caribbean Sea?
One of the main resources of Cuba is tobacco, and Havana cigars (named after the Cuban capital city) are exported to every country in the world except for the USA
Which country is represented by this flag? Its capital city is San Salvador.
Costa Rica
Saint Lucia
El Salvador
Saint Barthelemy
El Salvador translates into English as 'The Saviour' and its capital city, San Salvador means 'Holy Saviour.' When the country was first colonised by the Spanish they named it "Province of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World," but the name has (understandably) become shortened over time.
This is another flag which bears the name of the country it represents, so there are no excuses for getting this one wrong!
This flag belongs to which country, whose capital city is Kingston?
Falkland Islands
Jamaica has the third largest English speaking population in the Americas, after the USA and Canada. It was once a Spanish possession called Santiago, but in 1655 it came under English control and was renamed Jamaica
Which country, made up of more than 700 islands, is represented by this flag? Its capital city is Nassau.
British Virgin Islands
Trinidad & Tobago
US Virgin Islands
The Bahamas became a British colony in the 18th century. With the abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire in 1807, many freed slaves were settled there. Many escaped slaves from the USA also made their way to the Bahamas and the majority of the modern population is descended from British and American slaves or from freed Africans
This is the flag of which non-self governing territory found in the Caribbean Sea?
United States Virgin Islands
Caribbean Netherlands
British Virgin Islands
French Guiana
Originally inhabited by the Ciboney, the Carib, and the Arawaks, since their discovery by Europeans the islands have been governed by Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands and France. The most recent European country to hold the islands was Denmark, who sold them to the USA in 1917 for the sum of $25 million
Which British Overseas Territory is represented by this flag? It lies 640 miles (1,030 km) to the east of the USA and its capital city is Hamilton.
Falkland Islands
British Virgin Islands
The islands are named after the Spanish explorer Juan de Bermudez who discovered them in 1503. Bermuda is at the northernmost point of the legendary Bermuda Triangle, in which ships and aeroplanes are said to have vanished under inexplicable and mysterious conditions - although one possible explanation is that Bermuda lies within the hurricane belt and is prone to severe weather conditions
This is the flag of another British Overseas Territory. It consists of two island groups which lie 647 miles (1,042 km) east of Florida USA. The capital city is Cockburn Town but what is the name of the territory?
Antigua & Barbuda
Trinidad & Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
Falkland Islands
In 1837 a Portuguese slave ship was wrecked off the coast of East Caicos. 200 African slaves survived the shipwreck and it is believed that most of these were among the first colonists of the islands
This is the flag of which British Overseas Territory, which was named after a Spanish mountainside monastery? Its capital city is Plymouth, and it is an island in the larger Leeward Islands chain.
Saint Martin
Saint Barthelemy
The capital city, Plymouth, was destroyed by a volcano in 1995. A new town is being constructed which will be the centre of government, but in the meantime the island is governed from the village of Brades
This is the flag of Colombia, the 4th most populated country in the Americas, but what is its capital city?
As well as being the capital, Bogota is the largest city in Colombia with an estimated population of 7.5 million. Its name is derived from the native Muiscas' word "Bacata" which means "planted fields"


Author:  Graeme Haw

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