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Cockney Life
'Apples and pears' is Cockney rhyming slang for 'stairs'.

Cockney Life

The term Cockney is widely used in popular culture today and has been since the 1600s. Cockneys have been famously portrayed in popular films such as My Fair Lady - Audrey Hepburn played a beguiling Eliza Doolittle. Dick van Dyke’s accent as Cockney sweep Bert is fairly infamous and has even been voted worst on screen accent ever in one poll. See if you can spot the truths below from the porky pies.

Whilst some visitors to Britain think that all Londoners are Cockney, with which area of London are true Cockneys associated?
The City of London
The east end
Particularly the inner suburbs of east London: Aldgate, Bethnal Green, Bow, Hackney, Limehouse, Mile End, Old Ford, Poplar, Shoreditch, Stepney, Wapping and Whitechapel
If a Cockney was having a ‘butcher’s’ he would be doing what?
Taking a look at something
Reading a book
Hanging up his jacket
‘Butcher’s hook’ means to have a look, usually shortened to just ‘butcher’s’ and implying to look at an item one might be considering buying
Which of these could one not do with a ‘whistle’?
Pack it
Clean it
Wear it
Play it
In Cockney rhyming slang a whistle is short for a whistle and flute, meaning suit.
Etymologically (according to the origins of the word) Cockney means which of these?
A commoner
A cock’s egg
A wheelbarrow
The word Cockney comes from cockene, the old genitive plural of cock and ey, the Middle English word for egg
If you are chatting in the street with a Cockney friend and as you leave she says ‘Christian’ what would she mean?
Be good
See you later
Don’t slip on the ice
Watch out for the pothole behind you
Christian Slater – see you later. It’s not connected with a crater, a skater or the church
A person who chooses to speak with a Cockney accent or use the Cockney dialect rather than his or her own is commonly referred to as a what?
Pseudo Cockney
Some celebrities who have been called Mockneys are Guy Richie, Jamie Oliver, Lilly Allen and Kate Nash
To call yourself a true Cockney you must have been born within earshot of which church bells?
St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside
St Bartholomew the Great
St Mary and Holy Trinity in Tower Hamlets
St Mary Atte Bow
The famous Bow Bells of Cheapside are thought to have been heard as far as six miles to the east, four miles to the west, five miles to the north and three miles to the south
If a Cockney mentioned ‘Ruby Murray’ what would he be talking about?
A curry
Being in a hurry
A light snowfall
A town in Alberta, Canada
Ruby Murray was a British singer who had several hits in the 1950s. It’s not related to Fort McMurray, a flurry or being pressed for time
If you’re ever caught out and find yourself ‘Hank Marvin’ which of these people should you be looking out for?
Saddam Hussein
Omar Sheriff
Kahlil Gibran
Colonel Gaddafi
You’d be wise to hunt down a café!
Someone who has had a few Britneys, some Laurel and Hardy, a little Winona and some Calvin Klein would be which of the below?
They would have consumed a few beers, some Bacardi, a little cider and some wine and would most likely be ‘Elephant’s Trunk’!
Author:  Augusta Harris

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