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Jane Austen’s London
This is Putney, but is it one of our answers?

Jane Austen’s London

Jane Austen was born in 1775 and died, aged 41, in 1817. Whilst many of her novels are set in the country or Bath, she passed through London often on her travels or went there to visit her brother Henry or her publishers. Her vivid letters to her sister Cassandra are full of illustrative details about her shopping expeditions and visits to the capital’s galleries and theatres.

Jane Austen, her brother Edward and three of his young daughters went to see a production of Don Juan on one occasion. At which London theatre was it showing?
The Royal Opera House
The Albert Hall
The Lyceum
The Gielgud
It was an elaborate production with songs, mime and a spectacular recreation of hell
Where in London might Jane Austen fans be able to see her writing desk?
At the British Museum
At the British Library
At the Victoria and Albert Museum
In Fortnum and Mason
Not to be confused with a conventional desk, her writing desk is about the size of a laptop
Mrs. Jennings’ house in Berkeley Street is where Elinor and Marianne stay in which novel?
Pride and Prejudice
Northanger Abbey
Sense and Sensibility
Mrs. Jennings lived in a handsome house on Berkeley Street near Portman Square
Which London gallery holds a pencil and watercolour sketch of Jane Austen by her sister Cassandra?
The National Portrait Gallery
The Courtauld Gallery
The National Gallery
Tate Britain
The sketch, made around 1810, by Jane’s sister Cassandra is the only reasonably certain portrait from her life
In ‘Sense and Sensibility’ Charlotte has her baby whilst staying at the Palmer’s house. The house was situated on which square?
Shortly after the birth, the papers announced that Charlotte Palmer “was safely delivered of a son and heir”
In which London church do Lydia and Wickham marry in ‘Pride and Prejudice’?
St Margaret’s
St Clement’s
St Paul’s
St Peter’s
The couple married there as Wickham’s lodgings were in the parish
Where did Jane Austen stay when she visited London?
10 Henrietta Street
12 Georgina Terrace
14 Victoria Gardens
16 Elizabeth Court
The bank ‘Austen, Maunde and Tilson’, of which Jane’s brother was a director, occupied the site in the early 1800s. Jane used to stay with her brother there when she visited in 1813 and 1814
In the novel ‘Emma’ who ran off to London just to get a haircut?
Frank Churchill
George Knightly
Harriet Smith
Jane Fairfax
This slightly unsettled Emma’s faith in him but was typical behaviour of a true Regency dandy
In ‘Northanger Abbey’ Isabella and John Thorpe’s home was located in which district of London?
Incidentally, London locations ending in -ea or -ey derive from an Anglo Saxon word meaning ‘Island’
In ‘Mansfield Park’ Maria Rushworth leaves her dull husband and runs off with Henry Crawford. In which street did she and her husband live prior to this event?
Wellington Crescent
Wigmore Street
Wigmore Mews
Wimpole Street
Sadly for Maria, Henry manipulated her, used her and didn’t love her back!


Author:  Augusta Harris

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