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London’s Bridges
The Wobbly Bridge!

London’s Bridges

Perhaps there would be no London were there no London Bridge. The town was first settled around the time the Roman Emperor Claudius travelled north from Kent and wanted to cross the Thames with his troops. It is thought the first bridge was completed around 50 AD. Today there are over 30 bridges across the Thames in London with ever more planned.

What is the official name of the bridge more commonly known as ‘The Wobbly Bridge’?
Jubilee Bridge
Tower Bridge
The London Millennium Footbridge
Blackfriar’s Bridge
The bridge was given its nickname as it initially had a stability problem when it opened to the public on 10th June 2000
Which bridge is sometimes referred to as the Ladies’ Bridge?
The bridge was built by a largely female workforce during WWII
In 1968 London Bridge was sold to whom?
The Queen
The People’s Republic of China
The Sultan of Brunei
An American businessman
The bridge was reassembled in Arizona
In 1995 Tower Bridge was raised to allow passage of a 30ft floating statue of which pop star?
Cliff Richard
Michael Jackson
Damon Albarn
The statue was a promotion for the pop star’s HIStory album
By what name is King Edward VII Bridge now better known?
London Bridge
Chelsea Bridge
Kew Bridge
The Bridge was opened by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1903
What do the bridges of Chiswick, Twickenham and Hampton Court all have in common?
Their architect
Their date of inauguration
They are all Royal bridges
Their design
All three bridges were officially opened on 3rd July 1933
While Lambeth Bridge is painted red, what colour is Westminster Bridge painted?
The bridges were painted to match the colours of the Houses of Commons (green) and Lords (red)
Which London bridge is adorned with giant bronze statues representing agriculture, architecture, engineering and pottery on one of its sides?
Vauxhall Bridge
Waterloo Bridge
Southwark Bridge
Tower Bridge
The opposite side boasts statues representing science, fine arts, local government and education
Which British tradition is said to have started on London Bridge?
Playing cricket
Drinking tea
Driving on the left
Talking about the weather
In the 1700s traffic congestion brought the passing of a law, which made all traffic on the bridge keep to the left hand side in order to reduce collisions
From whom or what does Blackfriars Bridge take its name?
A Dominican monastery
A small, Art Deco pub at its north end
A Scouts’ group
A chip shop
The area has been called Blackfriars since the Dominican Friars settled there in 1276


Author:  Augusta Harris

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