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Roman London
What do you know about Roman London?

Roman London

Not long after the Romans settled in London, the city became a dominant one and one from which they ruled their province of Britannia. Life in Roman London was hard. The people worked long hours and worked every day of the week. It wasn’t all bad though - they certainly knew how to have fun when they did get some time off. At first Roman London was little more than a military base but over time the soldiers were just part of a mixed population of military and civilians with families, slaves and workers. Fortunately when they moved on, they left fascinating clues to their way of life. From these can work our how they dressed, what they typically ate how they liked to entertain themselves.

The end of London’s inhabitation by the Romans was caused by what?
A devastating plague
The brutal slaughter of almost all of its citizens
A huge earthquake that forced them to flee back to the continent in a panic
Rome withdrawing military and financial support for its Provincia Britannia
There was no great fleeing of the city. The population gradually migrated to live in villages in the surrounding countryside as the city declined
The remains of the Roman amphitheatre in London ... (finish the sentence)
have yet to be found
were on display until 1989
were completely destroyed by a WWII bomb
are still on display today in their original location
They are part of a permanent display in the Guildhall Art Gallery and entrance is free
Where were all the Roman bathhouses located in London?
In the City of London
In Westminster
In Greenwich
Along the Strand
In Roman times the settlement did not stretch outside the City of London
Less than 20 years after it was founded, Roman London was burnt to the ground and almost wiped out by what?
A Celtic tribal queen
A dispute between its military leaders
A tidal wave
An exceptionally cold winter
Boudicca, queen of the Iceni, led her troops to revolt against the Roman occupation in around AD 61
Which of the following did the Romans NOT build in London?
An aqueduct
A bridge
A fort
A basilica and forum
One of the reasons the Romans chose the site of this settlement was the plentiful supply of surface water from the many Thames tributaries - meaning they wouldn’t have to build aqueducts
Who was the first Roman Emperor to set foot on British soil?
Emperor Hadrian
Emperor Caesar
Emperor Brutus
Emperor Penuginius
Caesar first came to Britain in the year 55 BC
The Romans in London came mostly from where?
The Roman settlers in London came mostly from the parts of the Roman Empire in areas we now call France and Spain
Roman London was inhabited for approximately how many years?
20 years
120 years
400 years
1,400 years
The Romans are considered to have inhabited London until around 410 AD
When did the Romans first build their settlement on the site of what we now call London?
55 BC
43 AD
240 AD
1940 AD
They first settled here following Emperor Claudius’ more-successful invasion in 43 AD
What was the Roman name for London?
The city was later given different names by the Saxons and Vikings


Author:  Augusta Harris

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