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Tudor London
A Tudor-style property.

Tudor London

Just as it is now, London was a great place to be in Tudor times. It bustled with trade and industry. It was a hotbed for British art and literature and the location of the Royal court and parliament. Then, as now, it was also a city of extremes and home to both the country’s richest and poorest. How much do you know about Tudor London?

By 2030, life expectancy is expected to reach 90. In Tudor times most people lived until they were what age?
10 - 15
35 - 40
50 - 55
65 - 70
Many rich people often lived beyond 40
Which of these was NOT a palace in Tudor London?
St James’ Palace
Whitehall Palace
Westminster Palace
Hatfield House
The Tudor monarch Henry VIII had more than 60 houses when he died in 1547
Which new financial establishment did Elizabeth I open in 1571?
The Royal Exchange
The Bank of England
Lloyds of London
Liberty of London
Elizabeth I opened the Royal Exchange in the City of London in 1571. The Royal Exchange became the stock exchange which still operates, however most transactions are now done electronically as befits the 21st century
How many bridges were there across the Thames in Tudor times?
With just one bridge to cope with all the traffic, the quickest way to cross the river was by boat
From the mid 1500s St Paul’s Church became known more as a centre for bookshops and the printing trade than for its religious sermons. What event accounted for this changing role?
The Great Fire
The dissolution of the monasteries
The Civil War
The removal of all taxes
St Paul’s survived the dissolution but was left decaying and dilapidated
Which Tudor monarch was beheaded at the Tower of London?
Mary Queen of Scots
Elizabeth I
Lady Jane Grey
Henry VII
Lady Jane Grey was beheaded at the Tower in 1587 and succeeded by Mary I. She is known as the 9 days’ queen and wasn’t ever crowned
What is the name of the building that today stands in Whitehall and is the only visible part remaining of Henry VIII’s sumptuous Whitehall palace?
The Banqueting House
The Chapter House
Horse Guards
The Treasury
Banqueting House was built in 1619 by Inigo Jones and was one of the first renaissance-style buildings to exist in England. It was the site of Charles I’s execution and still boasts a ceiling painted by Peter-Paul Reubens in 1636. It is open to visitors daily
In Tudor times, Londoners had to fight many diseases which spread quickly and easily in the overcrowded city. Which of these diseases would 16th century Londoners NOT have caught?
Sweating sickness
It is thought that the earliest recorded case of polio was that of Walter Scott in 1773
During Tudor times, London saw a significant population growth. The population of London was 50,000 in 1500. What was it in 1600?
The population quadrupled in just 100 years
A curfew was rung every night in Tudor times. At what time did it ring in summer?
Curfew comes from the French ‘couvre feu’ meaning to cover the fire. The ancient equivalent of ‘lights out’!


Author:  Augusta Harris

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