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The Tanks Roll In

Here come the tanks!

The Tanks Roll In

The First World War saw the development of many new weapons, borne of industrial technologies. One of these new weapons was the tank. See how much you know about the first weapons of their kind.

Early tanks had poor ventilation and conditions inside them were uncomfortably hot. What temperatures did the crew have to put up with?
Up to 40o C
Up to 45o C
Up to 50o C
Up to 60o C
Crews were also exposed to fumes from the engines and from the firing of weapons. Often entire crews became unconscious
The word tank was first used as a codename to hide their true identity. What were they originally called?
Mechanical Cavalry
Armoured Cavalry
Trench Busters
The tank was initially seen as a land-based cousin of the naval warships, hence the name ‘Landship’
The first tanks were developed by which branch of the military?
The Army
The Navy
The Air Force
The Marines
Tanks were a further development of armoured cars, which the navy had previously used to protect Allied airstrips in Belgium. The Royal Navy’s expertise in this field was put to good use on the tank
By 1918 Britain and France had produced a combined total of 6,506 tanks. How many had Germany produced?
20 tanks
200 tanks
2,000 tanks
20,000 tanks
The German army was slow to see the military value of the tank. By the start of World War 2 they had changed their minds and the notorious Panzer Divisions had been formed
The first use of tanks in war came during September 1916. At which battle?
Battle of Verdun
Battle of the Marne
Battle of Jutland
Battle of Flers-Courcelette
49 tanks were ready for use. Of these only 32 made it to the battlefield and 7 of those failed to start!
The British Mark One tanks were armed with either heavy machine guns or 6-pounder guns. By what nicknames were these two variants commonly known?
Cat and Mouse
Tom and Jerry
Thunder and Lightning
Male and Female
Those with machine guns only were known as ‘females’ and those with 6-pounder guns ‘males’
The British Medium Tank Mark A was one of the fastest of tanks, earning it which nickname?
The Whippet
The Arrow
The Lightning Bolt
The Cheetah
The Mark A was much faster than the earlier, heavier tanks. Its maximum speed was 8mph compared to the 4mph top speed of older tanks
The heaviest tank of WWI was the German A7V. How much did it weigh?
11 tons
22 tons
33 tons
44 tons
The A7V was 24ft long, 10ft high, 10ft wide and had a crew of 18!
The French Light Tank Renault F-17 was the first tank to have what feature?
Caterpillar tracks
Armour plating
Revolving turret
Caterpillar tracks were invented in the 18th century and armour plating had been added in the 19th. All tanks had these but the F-17 was the very first with a revolving turret
The first prototype tank was constructed in Britain in 1915. What was its nickname?
Big Bertha
Huge Henry
Little Willie
Tiny Tim
There were many faults in this prototype; not least that the tracks could not carry the 16 ton weight of the vehicle!


Author:  Graeme Haw

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