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Who was in Charge?

Who was in Charge?

This 'Who was in Charge' quiz looks at the leaders of the War.

During the First World War many millions of men served their countries and many gave their lives carrying out the orders of their superiors. But who were the wartime leaders, the commanders, prime ministers, kings and emperors who led the world into war?

Nicholas II was the last Emperor of Russia. His involvement in the War was one of the causes of the revolution which overthrew him. Following the revolution Russia left the war but what fate befell Nicholas himself?
He was imprisoned
He was executed
He was exiled
He died before his trial
Nicholas and his family were shot and bayonetted for "... countless, bloody, violent acts against the Russian people." They received no trial
At the start of the war this future Prime Minister was the First Lord of the Admiralty. What was his name?
Andrew Bonar Law
Stanley Baldwin
Ramsay MacDonald
Winston Churchill
In November 1915 Churchill resigned from the government. He was made an officer in the British Army and fought on the Western Front as commander of a battalion in the Royal Scots Fusiliers
This poster, urging men to sign up for military service, features the face of Herbert Kitchener. What position did Kitchener hold?
Foreign Secretary
Deputy Prime Minister
Secretary of State for War
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Kitchener became a casualty of the war himself. On a diplomatic mission to Russia in 1916, his ship hit a mine and sank. Kitchener's body was never recovered
Field Marshall Douglas Haig was the highest ranking British officer during the war. Though he was admired by many, others disliked his tactics and gave him what nickname?
Butcher of the Somme
Clown Commander
Field Marshall Folly
Monster of Mons
Haig's critics say that he was too slow to adapt to new technologies such as artillery and tanks. Others say that despite the changing face of warfare Haig still managed to bring about victory, though it was at the cost of many lives
The German Emperor during the war, Kaiser Wilhelm II, was the grandson of which British Monarch?
George III
George IV
William IV
Wilhelm's mother, Victoria, was the eldest child of our Queen Victoria. She married the future German Emperor, Frederick III, in 1858
This man was the Prime Minister of Great Britain at the outbreak of the war. What was his name?
David Lloyd George
Herbert Henry Asquith
Winston Churchill
Neville Chamberlain
Many people criticised Asquith's leadership during the war and he resigned from his post on December 5th 1916
In 1918 this man, Ferdinand Foch, was granted the title 'Supreme General' and given command of all the Allied Armies. What was his nationality?
When asked how he won the war, Foch is reported to have said, "By smoking my pipe. That is to say, by not getting excited, by reducing everything to simple terms, by avoiding useless emotions, and keeping all my strength for the job"
Following the resignation of the Liberal Prime Minister, Asquith, this man, Lloyd George, took up the post. To which political party did he belong?
The Green Party
The Conservative Party
The Labour Party
The Liberal Party
Asquith's resignation split the party in two. Although Lloyd George became Prime Minister, Asquith was still the leader of the Liberal Party
The spark which ignited the conflict known as World War One was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary. After his assassination Austria declared war on which country?
He was assassinated on June 28th 1914 by Serbian terrorist group, the "Black Hand" gang
Who was the British king during World War One?
George V
Edward VII
George VI
Edward VIII
George was of German descent and his family name was Saxe-Coburg Gotha. To distance himself from the Germans he changed his family's name to Windsor


Author:  Graeme Haw

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