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Unit 4 - Hypothesis
Before we can start the experiment, we need to do a risk assessment.

Unit 4 - Hypothesis

A hypothesis is a prediction backed up with a reason for the prediction. When we carry out an investigation, we can hypothesise about the outcome.

Test your knowledge of hypothesis by playing this quiz on the subject.

  1. A hypothesis is a...
    4 -
  2. We come up with a hypothesis...
    2 -
  3. Another phrase to describe a hypothesis is...
    2 - A hypothesis is a prediction based on what you know, so it is an educated guess
  4. "I think that X will happen because of Y" is an example of...
    1 -
  5. Which of these is a hypothesis?
    1 - Answer 4 is close but we cannot really test this can we?!
  6. Which of these is a hypothesis?
    2 -
  7. Which is the correct order for an investigation?
    3 - We always start an investigation with a hypothesis
  8. After writing a hypothesis, we need to write the...
    3 -
  9. Before we can start the experiment, we need to do a...
    1 -
  10. The hypothesis that links fossils with prehistoric organisms can only be tested if....
    2 - Yes! Believe it or not, without actually going back in time, the link between an actual fossil and an actual organism cannot be proven

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