GCSE Chemistry Quizzes

GCSE Chemistry Revision

(Focussed revision for year 10 and year 11)

How does crude oil contribute to the world of fashion? What is the difference between ice and steam? All will be revealed.

GCSE Chemistry explores the nature of substances. You will find out about diamonds and sapphires, fireworks and atom bombs, nanotechnology and manufacturing processes.

Discover atomic structure, watch chemical reactions, touch different metals, taste purified water. A world of wonder awaits.

How To Play

Each quiz consists of 10 questions and each question has 4 multiple choice answers. At the top of each quiz you are given a choice of how you want to play it and this affects what happens when you provide an incorrect answer.
You can either have the correct answer given immediately, or you can choose to have the questions presented again at the end of the quiz.
To print any of the quizzes (both questions and answers) click the “Print” link at the bottom of the quiz
Title Date Played Previous
Analysing Substances - Qualitative Play
Chemical Reactions Play
Periodic Table - Trends in the Periodic Table Play
The Earth Play
Acids, Bases and Salts Preview
Analysing Substances - Quantitative Preview
Atomic Structure 1 Preview
Atomic Structure 2 Preview
Atoms - Electronic Structure Preview
Balancing Symbol Equations (H) Preview
Bonding - Covalent Preview
Bonding - Ionic Preview
Bonding - Metallic Preview
Burning Carbon Fuels Preview
Crude Oil - Cracking Preview
Crude Oil - Substances from Crude Oil Preview
Crude Oil 1 Preview
Electrolysis 1 Preview
Electrolysis 2 Preview
Emulsions Preview
Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions 1 Preview
Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions 2 Preview
Energy from Reactions Preview
Equilibria Preview
Limestone - Reactions of Preview
Limestone - Uses of Preview
Metals - Alloys Preview
Metals - Extraction of Metals 1 Preview
Metals - Problems of Extraction Preview
Metals - Properties and Uses of Preview
Nanotechnology Preview
Oils Preview
Organic Chemistry 1 Preview
Organic Chemistry 2 Preview
Periodic Table - Group 1 Elements Preview
Periodic Table - Group 7 Elements Preview
Periodic Table - Transition Elements Preview
Periodic Table 1 Preview
Periodic Table 2 Preview
Polymerisation Preview
Production of Ammonia 1 Preview
Production of Ammonia 2 Preview
Purifying Water Preview
Quantitative Chemistry Preview
Rates of Reaction 1 Preview
Rates of Reaction 2 Preview
Rates of Reaction 3 Preview
Reversible and Irreversible Reactions Preview
The Earth and its Atmosphere 1 Preview
Water Preview
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