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Adverbs 01
The nurse spoke gently, but removed the bandage carelessly. 'Gently' and 'carelessly' are the adverbs.

Adverbs 01

Adverbs are words that change verbs, adjectives and other adverbs. Adverbs play several roles in English sentences. One of these is to modify (or change) the verb by making it more precise. For example, 'she stepped stealthily into the room' is not the same as 'she stepped suddenly into the room'. The adverbs, 'stealthily' and 'suddenly', alter the verb 'stepped' to create different effects.

Using adverbs can really improve your writing, so see how well you can recognise them by trying this quiz.

Find the adverbs in the following sentences.
  1. She whispered the secret carefully into her best friend's ear.
    2 - 'Carefully' is an example of an adverb which has been formed by adding the suffix, '-ly', to the end of an adjective
  2. "Who broke the dish?" my little brother asked innocently.
    4 - 'Innocently' affects the verb 'asked' - it describes how the question was asked
  3. They gazed absentmindedly at their feet during the teacher's fifth explanation of the work.
    1 -
  4. The team played poorly because many players were injured.
    2 - 'Poorly' changes the verb 'played' - it describes how the team played
  5. The syrup oozed sloppily down the sides of the bottle.
    3 -
  6. He shouted loudly for help.
    3 -
  7. Slipping on the treacherous ice, my sister landed awkwardly.
    4 -
  8. The nurse spoke gently, but removed the bandage carelessly.
    3 - 'Gently' describes how the nurse spoke, while 'carelessly' describes how she removed the bandage. Compare the effect of this sentence: The nurse spoke carelessly, but removed the bandage gently.
  9. She tried hard, but failed to hit the target.
    1 - 'Hard' changes the verb 'tried', so here it is an adverb. In the phrase, 'the hard ground', 'hard' is an adjective because it describes the noun 'ground'
  10. The car went so fast, it appeared to be a blur.
    2 - 'So' and 'fast' are both adverbs here

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