KS2 English Quizzes

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Learning KS2 English

(Enjoyable learning combined with stimulating revision for year 3, year 4, year 5 and year 6)

Learning to read and write are essential skills that help you in many different ways. Once you master the techniques, you will be able to read stories that interest you and write letters to your friends. Playing these KS2 English quizzes will also help you understand complicated things such as dictionaries and sets of instructions.

Most importantly, you will find it easier to make people understand your ideas and you will understand theirs.

Title Date Played Previous
Adjectives 01 Play
Adjectives 02 Play
Antonyms Play
First, Second and Third Person Play
Synonyms Play
Writing Narrative Play
Adverbs 01 Play
Adverbs 02 Play
Alliteration Play
Alphabetising Play
Apostrophes to Mark Omission Play
Apostrophes to Mark Possession Play
Asking Questions Play
Capital Letters 01 Play
Capital Letters 02 Play
Clauses and Phrases Play
Commas 01 Play
Commas 02 Play
Complex Sentences Play
Compound Words Play
Comprehension 01 Play
Comprehension 02 Play
Comprehension 03 Play
Connectives / Conjunctions 01 Play
Connectives / Conjunctions 02 Play
Direct Speech Play
Fact and Opinion Play
Improving Vocabulary 01 Play
Improving Vocabulary 02 Play
Improving Vocabulary 03 Play
Indirect Speech Play
Metaphors Play
Negatives Play
Nouns 01 Play
Nouns 02 Play
Onomatopoeia Play
Paragraphing Play
Prefixes Play
Prepositions Play
Pronouns Play
Punctuation Play
Rhyme Play
Sentence Openers Play
Similes Play
Spelling: -igh Play
Spelling: -le Play
Spelling: -or-, -oor-, and -ore- Play
Spelling: -ough Play
Spelling: Double Consonants Play
Spelling: Graphemes Play
Spelling: ie or ei? Play
Spelling: Phonemes Play
Spelling: Plurals 01 Play
Spelling: Plurals 02 Play
Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 01 Play
Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 02 Play
Spelling: w and wh Play
Spelling: y and i Play
Standard English Play
Statement, Question or Command? Play
Subject / Verb Agreement Play
Suffixes Play
Syllables Play
Text Features Play
Their, They're and There Play
Verbs 01 Play
Verbs 02 Play
Writing Explanations Play
Writing Instructions Play
Writing Letters Play
Writing Persuasively Play
Writing Playscripts Play
Writing Recounts Play
Writing Reports Play
Your and You're Play
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