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Sentence Openers
Until she had finished her homework, Holly would not be allowed to go out to play.

Sentence Openers

Using different words to start a sentence enhances your writing. Imagine if every sentence you read began in the same way: 'The day was rainy. The cat stayed indoors all day. The children were bored. The telephone rang...' You'd become bored too - and quickly! To avoid this, writers use a variety of different ways to start their sentences.

Take this English quiz to see how many different sentence openers you know.

Choose the sentence opener which could be added to the beginning of the sentence.
  1. ....... he was no longer hungry, James ate a large piece of cake.
  2. ....... she became a famous singer, Jo had worked at a dry cleaner's.
  3. ....... the ship reached land.
  4. ....... she slammed the book down on her desk.
  5. ...... his fear of flying, Daniel booked a flight to India.
  6. ....... they built up enough courage to look behind the rusty old car.
  7. ....... I had three apples, I could bake a tart.
  8. ....... he was the tallest person in the family, it was always his job to reach things down from the top shelf.
  9. ....... she had finished her homework, Holly would not be allowed to go out to play.
  10. ....... his cousin Charlie, Jack didn't know anyone in his new school.

Author: Sheri Smith

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