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Spelling:  Unstressed Vowels 01
A book or other resource in which you can find words and their meanings arranged alphabetically is called a 'dictionary'.

Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 01

Unstressed vowels are letters that are not easy to hear in a word. Polysyllabic words - that is, words with more than one syllable - can be tricky to spell in English. This is because English words are pronounced with more stress on some syllables than others. Unstressed syllables all sound the same - they have the vowel sound 'schwa', which looks like this: ə. The 'e' in 'carpet' sounds exactly the same as the 'a' in 'zebra'. So learning ways of memorising the words becomes important.

Try this quiz to see how well you can spell polysyllabic words.

  1. Something which shows the days, weeks and months of a year.
    2 -
  2. Something that is by itself; not joined with anything.
    4 - Some people like to remember that there is 'a rat' in 'separate'
  3. Another word for essential.
    1 -
  4. A feeling of wanting to know about something; also, to your own advantage - it will be in your own .......
    3 - If you can remember the two 'e's in 'interest', you'll also be able to spell 'interesting' and 'interested'
  5. A room or a building in which books are kept; a place where books can be borrowed.
    4 -
  6. A spoken or written account of something or someone.
    3 - Remember that 'description' comes from 'describe' - both share a 'de-' prefix
  7. To think of something from the past, or something which had been forgotten.
    3 - Thinking of 're-' and 'member' can help you remember
  8. Not the same as something else.
    2 - 'To differ' means 'to disagree', which might be easier to remember - add '-ent' for 'different' or '-ence' for 'difference'
  9. The refusal to go along with something.
    1 - The endings, '-ance' and '-ence', can be tricky to remember
  10. A book or other resource in which you can find words and their meanings arranged alphabetically.
    4 -

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