Text Features
Familiarise yourself with text features in this quiz.

Text Features

This KS2 English quiz takes a look at text features. Text features are used for the layout of books. Can you imagine trying to read a book that was not organised at all, but was just written sentence after sentence with nothing to help the reader find different sections? Books use titles, subheadings, different fonts, chapters, images and all sorts of other features to help readers find and understand information.

You may well be asked to put together a leaflet, newspaper or article in your lessons at school. By playing this quiz, you will have more knowledge of what is required.

Try this quiz about text features to see how well you understand the organisation of books and other texts.

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  1. Non-fiction books often have words printed in bold. The definitions for these words can be found in the ____.
    A glossary is like a miniature dictionary.
  2. The first page of a book usually displays the title and author's name. What is this page called?
    The clue is in the question!
  3. What is a subheading?
    Subheadings are useful for breaking up lengthy text.
  4. The sentences of explanation found beneath a photo or other image in a text are called ____.
    You may have heard of 'caption competitions' where you have to think of a funny caption to go with an image.
  5. A newspaper is laid out in ____.
    The pages of a newspaper usually have text laid out in several columns.
  6. Information in longer books is organised into ____.
    Shorter books, such as those that you had when you were learning to read, are not organised into chapters.
  7. How is a contents page arranged?
    'Numerically' means in number order.
  8. The person who draws or paints the pictures found in a book is called the ____.
    An illustrator illustrates the words!
  9. How is an index arranged?
    An index is helpful because it gives you the page numbers for the different topics mentioned in a book. Because an index lists many more subjects than the contents page, it is arranged alphabetically.
  10. Any text that is more than a few sentences long will be organised into ____.
    Paragraphs help the reader to take a pause before resuming reading.

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