Comprehension 01
Aroma is a synonym of odour.

Comprehension 01

This is the first of three KS2 English quizzes about comprehension. ‘Comprehension' means 'understanding'. When you learn to read, you first need to recognise words and understand what they mean. You learn to answer 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where', 'how' and 'why' questions. But comprehending what you're reading goes beyond basic questions. 'Why', for example, is not always straightforward. Sometimes an author only gives you hints and clues about what is happening and why characters behave the way they do.

Authors do this to draw you into their story as well as letting you use your imagination. Some of the most gripping stories leave ‘gaps’ where you can deduce what’s happening yourself.

Try this reading quiz to test your comprehension skills.

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  1. Robyn gingerly lifted the edge of the tea towel, took a deep breath, then peered at the contents of the bowl. Which word best describes how Robyn feels?
    'Apprehensive' means feeling nervous or anxious that something unpleasant will happen - it is not such a strong emotion as 'terrified'.
  2. Robyn gingerly lifted the edge of the tea towel. Which of the following would express the opposite meaning?
    Try to use adjectives and adverbs in your writing.
  3. A pungent odour seeped from beneath the tea towel, making her eyes water. What does 'pungent' mean?
    'Pungent' means 'sharp' or 'strong' - a food can also have a 'pungent flavour'. 'Pungent' means that a flavour or odour is powerful, not necessarily bad.
  4. Which one of the following words is NOT a synonym for 'odour'?
    Taste is a completely different sense.
  5. After a moment or two, Robyn gathered her courage enough to examine the source of the odour. What does 'gathered her courage' mean?
    Using unusual expressions such as 'gathered her courage' can enhance a piece of writing.
  6. 'Gathered her courage' is an example of what?
    Metaphors are often seen in poetry.
  7. Green liquid oozed from beneath the misshapen lumps which had once been potatoes and carrots. What is the effect of the phrase 'which had once been'?
    The carrots and potatoes have been transformed into something so unpleasant that they can hardly be recognised.
  8. What does 'misshapen' mean?
    Note the double 's' in the spelling of this word.
  9. 'James,' Robyn shouted, 'could you please warn me next time you're planning to turn your stew into a science experiment?' What is the effect of this sentence?
    Robyn may also be feeling a sense of relief.
  10. Which of the following would create an entirely different effect compared to the sentence in question nine?
    This makes us (as the reader) want to read on to find out what 'it' is!

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