Apostrophes to Mark Possession
This is Michael's Frisbee.

Apostrophes to Mark Possession

This KS2 English quiz looks at apostrophes to mark possession. Apostrophes have two important jobs to play in English. They are used for contractions, where they show that some letters have been left out, and they are also used to show possession - that is, when something belongs to someone or something else.

As an example, we could say, ‘The Frisbee belongs to Michael.’ Alternatively, we can say, ‘This is Michael’s Frisbee.’ The apostrophe is added to Michael (along with an ‘s’) to show that the Frisbee belongs to him.

See how well you can use apostrophes to mark possession by taking this second apostrophe quiz.

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  1. Complete the sentence.
    The house belongs to Grandma. It is ____ house.
    And what a lovely house she has!
  2. Complete the sentence.
    The sweets belong to the teachers. They are the ____ sweets.
    These sweets belong to the teachers, not the teacher - the apostrophe follows the 's' because there is more than one teacher.
  3. Complete the sentence.
    The pencil case belongs to you. The pencil case is ____.
    'Yours' is already possessive, like 'his' and 'hers' - the 's' is part of the word.
  4. Complete the sentence.
    The sweets belong to the teacher. They are the ____ sweets.
    There is only one teacher but more than one sweet.
  5. Complete the sentence.
    The apron belongs to the chef. It is the ____ apron.
    Chefs wear aprons to protect their everyday clothes from splashes or stains.
  6. Complete the sentence.
    The blanket belongs to the baby. It is the ____ blanket.
    The blanket belongs to one baby.
  7. Complete the sentence.
    The roof tiles are coming loose. The roof is in danger of losing ____ tiles.
    'Its' is the possessive form, while 'it's' means 'it is'.
  8. Complete the sentence.
    The blankets belong to the babies. They are the ____ blankets.
    Babies is already plural, so the apostrophe follows the 's' - an extra 's' would look silly!
  9. Complete the sentence.
    The board games belong to the children. They are the ____ games.
    Children is already plural, therefore you need to add an apostrophe and an 's'.
  10. Complete the sentence.
    The waves of the sea were very rough that day. The ____ waves were very rough.
    There may be lots of waves, but the waves belong to only one sea.

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