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Mrs. Jones poured hot coffee into her mug. The preposition is the word 'into'.


Prepositions are linking words. Prepositions are very important words - they link words together in a way that makes sense. Prepositions come before a noun (or pronoun) to explain its relationship to other words in the sentence. In the sentence, 'I gave the medal to the best runner', the preposition 'to' explains the relationship between 'the runner' and 'the medal'. Prepositions often describe time (i.e. 'after' and 'before') and place (i.e. 'behind' and 'below').

Try this quiz on prepositions to check your understanding.

Find the prepositions in the following sentences.
  1. She found the rusty old key beneath a flowerpot.
    3 - 'Beneath a flowerpot' describes the key's location
  2. The sun shone brightly on the mountaintop.
    4 - 'On the mountaintop' describes where the sun was shining
  3. The kitten, who had been hiding under the duvet, pounced suddenly.
    3 - 'Under the duvet' describes the kitten's location
  4. Mrs. Jones poured hot coffee into her mug.
    2 - 'Into her mug' describes where the coffee is being poured
  5. The man was standing near the edge of the stage.
    3 - 'Near the edge' describes the man's location; 'of the stage' explains the relationship between 'stage' and 'edge'
  6. On Mondays, I usually go to the library.
    2 - 'On Mondays' describes a time; 'to the library' describes a place
  7. At midnight, the bell in the ancient tower began to toll.
    1 - 'At midnight' describes a time; 'in the ancient tower' describes a place; 'to toll' is a verb, however, so 'to' is not a preposition in this case
  8. After calm reflection, I made a promise to myself not to lose my temper again.
    2 - 'After calm reflection' describes a time; 'to myself' describes the relationship between 'a promise' and 'myself'
  9. The train went through the tunnel and then over the bridge.
    3 - 'Through the tunnel' and 'over the bridge' both describe location.
  10. In the last minute of the match, he kicked the ball between the posts.
    1 - 'In the last minute' describes the time; 'of the match' explains the relationship between 'minute' and 'match'; 'between the posts' describes a location

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