Spelling:  -or-, -oor-, and -ore-
Do you find some words tricky to spell?

Spelling: -or-, -oor-, and -ore-

This KS2 English spelling quiz takes a look at words ending in or, oor and ore. How to spell moor, or is it more? The letter combinations 'or', 'oor' and 'ore' are responsible for quite a few difficulties with English spelling. It certainly doesn't help when 'au' and 'aw' can make the same sound as 'or' and 'oor'.

Most people have a few words that they find tricky to spell. They have to stop and think about the word first. So if you sometimes struggle with spelling, take an extra few moments, or minutes, to get it right. Good spelling is a bonus in life, so it's worth taking time over.

Check your spelling skills with this English quiz.

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  1. A share of something.
    Can I have a portion of your pizza please?
  2. The opposite of 'after'.
    The phrase 'fore and aft' describes the two ends of a ship. Can you guess which word means towards the front of the ship?
  3. Someone who is outspoken can be described as ......
    To be 'forthright' means to go 'straight forward', or to be direct.
  4. Someone who gives an account of an event to someone else (especially the news).
    If you know how to spell report, this will help you with reporter.
  5. Proper, correct or refined.
    Be careful with words beginning with 'for' - make sure you don't use 'fore'.
  6. Oats simmered in water or milk and served for breakfast.
    Porridge can also be a very thick soup made of meat, vegetables and barley - but would you want that for breakfast?
  7. A practical lesson, or principle, taught by a story.
    Morel is a word - it's a type of mushroom.
  8. Open upland which often has peaty soil.
    An example is: We walked across the moor this morning.
  9. Knowledge which can be shared.
    To inform is to tell, so we add 'ation' to the end.
  10. To love deeply.
    Playing word games such as Scrabble Junior will improve your spelling no end!

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