As wise as an owl is a simile.


This KS2 English quiz will challenge you on similes. Similes are comparisons. “Life is like an onion: you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep," said the American poet, Carl Sandburg. 'Life is like an onion' is a simile. A more well-known simile is used when describing someone who is 'as wise as an owl'. You can recognise similes by the use of these phrases: 'as ... as' or 'like a...' Similes can be used to bring your writing to life.

Similes are similar to metaphors, so if you want to know the difference play our 'Metaphors' quiz in this KS2 English section to really get to grips with each of them!

See if you can recognise the similes in this English quiz.

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  1. Complete the simile in the sentence.
    The edge of a piece of paper can be as sharp as a ____.
    Have you ever had a paper cut? Ouch!
  2. Complete the simile in the sentence.
    That steak was as tough as ____.
    You might have heard this simile as well: 'as tough as leather'. Crocodiles are rather tough, but if you wanted to use them in this simile, you would need to write something like 'as tough as the hide of a crocodile'.
  3. Complete the simile in the sentence.
    She quickly shuttled sideways through the open door, like a ____.
    If you see the words 'as ... as' or 'like a', you know you've found a simile.
  4. Complete the simile in the sentence.
    On that bright, sunny day, the library was as silent as ____.
    You can imagine just how silent it was by using 'the grave' as the simile.
  5. Complete the simile in the sentence.
    It was as dark as ____ in the cave.
    It was as dark as night in the cave.
  6. Complete the simile in the sentence.
    Something was wrong with the television, it was buzzing like a ____.
    This is a very common simile - everybody knows that bees buzz!
  7. Complete the simile in the sentence.
    The new puppy's fur was soft like ____.
    If you've ever felt velvet, you'll know just how soft it is.
  8. Complete the simile in the sentence.
    The Snow Queen's eyes were as cold and sharp as ____.
    Nails and claws are also sharp, but they are not known for being cold.
  9. Complete the simile in the sentence.
    It's not heavy! It's as light as a ____.
    To really emphasise how weightless something seems, you could also say that it is 'as light as a snowflake'. This would be much more interesting in a poem than the usual phrase 'as light as a feather'.
  10. Complete the simile in the sentence.
    Your hands are as cold as ____.
    Ice is one of the coldest things people experience, which explains why this simile is so common.

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