KS2 Maths Quiz
Measures (Year 3)
You would use grams to measure the ingredients for a cake.

Measures (Year 3)

In KS2 Maths, children will learn more about measures. In Year Three children will become familiar with grams and kilograms, litres and millilitres, and centimetres, metres and kilometres, and they should be able to choose the correct unit for different types of measurement, for example the use of centimetres, metres and kilometres to measure short, medium and long lengths respectively.

Millimetres, centimetres and metres are all types of measures. Measures can be used for the measurement of length (like centimetres, metres and kilometres), mass or weight (grams and kilograms) and liquid capacity (litres and millilitres). Measurements are a big part of everyday life. Imagine buying a new pair of trousers and shoes not knowing the size of your waist or feet!

Take our measures quiz and find out how you size up with measures!

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  1. How can we write 2 and half metres in decimals?
    2.5m could also be written as 250cm
  2. 1,000 millilitres is equal to?
    We can shorten litre to l and millilitre to ml
  3. Which unit would you use to measure the ingredients for a cake?
    Grams are used to measure small weights like the amount of flour or sugar in a cake
  4. How many grams in a kilogram?
    We can shorten kilogram to kg and gram to g
  5. How many metres in one kilometre?
    We can shorten kilometre to km and metre to m
  6. Which of these would be measured in kilograms?
    Grams and kilograms are both used to measure weight
  7. 100 centimetres is equal to?
    We can shorten centimetre to cm
  8. Which of the following could be the height of your bedroom ceiling?
    Centimetres, metres and kilometres can all measure height. If your ceiling was 5.5km high you would live in the largest building ever built and if it were only 2cm high you wouldn't be able to get in!
  9. How many cm in 3.05m?
    3.05 x 100 = 305
  10. Which unit would you use to measure the distance travelled to the next city?
    Centimetres and kilometres both measure length but we use km for long distances and cm for short ones

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