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Education-Quizzes-Addition-SumLearning KS2 Maths

(Enjoyable learning combined with stimulating revision for year 3, year 4, year 5 and year 6)

You may not realize it but maths is important to us for many reasons. You need maths to help you pay the right amount when you are shopping, to calculate how long a job will take and to compare how well you are doing in your exams!

Averages, addition, multiplication, division, graphs, shapes and measurements might all sound extremely complicated to you at the minute, but by playing these KS2 maths quizzes you will be surprised how quickly you learn.

Addition and Subtraction (Year 3) Play
Addition and Subtraction (Year 4) Preview
Addition and Subtraction (Year 5) Preview
Addition and Subtraction (Year 6) Preview
Compare and Order Numbers (Year 4) Preview
Compare and Order Numbers (Year 5) Preview
Decimal Numbers (Year 4) Preview
Decimal Numbers (Year 5) Preview
Decimal Numbers (Year 6) Preview
Fractions (Year 3) Preview
Fractions (Year 4) Preview
Fractions (Year 5) Preview
Fractions (Year 6) Preview
Handling Data (Year 4) Preview
Handling Data (Year 6) Preview
Measures (Year 3) Preview
Measures (Year 4) Preview
Measures (Year 5) Preview
Measures (Year 6) Preview
Multiples (Year 3) Preview
Multiples (Year 4) Preview
Multiplication and Division (Year 3) Preview
Multiplication and Division (Year 4) Preview
Multiplication and Division (Year 5) Preview
Multiplication and Division (Year 6) Preview
Negative Numbers (Year 5) Preview
Negative Numbers (Year 6) Preview
Number Sequences (Year 3) Preview
Number Sequences (Year 4) Preview
Number Sequences (Year 5) Preview
Number Sequences (Year 6) Preview
Percentages (Year 5) Preview
Percentages (Year 6) Preview
Perimeter and Area (Year 4) Preview
Perimeter and Area (Year 5) Preview
Perimeter and Area (Year 6) Preview
Place Value (Year 3) Preview
Place Value (Year 4) Preview
Place Value (Year 5) Preview
Place Value (Year 6) Preview
Position (Year 3) Preview
Position (Year 4) Preview
Position (Year 5) Preview
Position (Year 6) Preview
Properties of Numbers (Year 5) Preview
Properties of Numbers (Year 6) Preview
Ratio (Year 5) Preview
Ratio (Year 6) Preview
Rounding Numbers (Year 3/4) Preview
Rounding Numbers (Year 5/6) Preview
Shapes (Year 3) Preview
Shapes (Year 4) Preview
Shapes (Year 5) Preview
Shapes (Year 6) Preview
Solving Problems (Year 3) Preview
Solving Problems (Year 4) Preview
Solving Problems (Year 5) Preview
Solving Problems (Year 6) Preview
Solving Problems - Money (Year 3) Preview
Solving Problems - Money (Year 4) Preview
Solving Problems - Money (Year 5) Preview
Solving Problems - Money (Year 6) Preview
Time (Year 3) Preview
Time (Year 4) Preview
Time (Year 5) Preview
Time (Year 6) Preview
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