KS2 Maths Quiz
Place Value (Year 4)
In the number 2,011 the digit '2' represents two thousands.

Place Value (Year 4)

As children progress through KS2 they will learn more about the place values of digits in Maths. As well as understanding the different values of digits depending on their position (units, tens and hundreds), in Year Four children will be exposed to larger numbers including thousands. They will also be expected to know the equivalent values of these positions, for example that ten tens are the same as one hundred or that twenty hundreds are the same as two thousands. Finally, they should also be able to write these numbers in the form of words.

Place values are split into thousands, hundreds, tens, units, tenths and hundredths. In our number system we know the value of a digit in a number by its position in that number - one digit represents units, two represent tens and units etc.

Have a go at the following quiz to see how much you know about place value. This quiz is intended for children aged 8-9.

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  1. What is the figure 8 worth in the number 1,482?
    8 tens is the same as eighty
  2. Which is the number that is equivalent to 8,025?
    8,025 has 8 thousands, 0 hundreds, 2 tens and 5 units
  3. Which is 2,150 in words?
    2,150 has 2 thousands, 1 hundred, 5 tens and 0 units
  4. Which is the lowest number?
    3 tens make 30 which is the lowest number
  5. What does the digit 4 represent in 2,498?
    The four is in the hundred position so therefore it represents 4 hundreds
  6. Which is the number that is equivalent to 3,818?
    3,818 has 3 thousands, 8 hundreds, 1 ten and 8 units
  7. What does the digit 2 represent in 3,204?
    3,204 has 3 thousands, 2 hundreds, 0 tens and 4 units
  8. What needs to be added to change 4,328 to 4,628?
    There is a 3 in the hundreds column that needs to change to a 6 therefore we add 3 hundreds
  9. What is the figure 1 worth in the number 4,102?
    4,102 has 4 thousands, 1 hundred, 0 tens and 2 units
  10. Which is 1,455 in words?
    1,455 has 1 thousand, 4 hundreds, 5 tens and 5 units

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