KS2 Maths Quiz
Position (Year 3)
If something turns in the opposite direction to the hands of a clock, it turns anticlockwise.

Position (Year 3)

Understanding position is a key element of Maths and forms an integral part of the subject in KS2. In Year Three children should be familiar with the four main compass points of North, South, East and West and should also know the difference between a clockwise and an anticlockwise direction. They will now be taught about horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines and the difference between a row and a column on a grid.

Position is about the location of something, or which direction to take to get from A to B. To describe position we use words like horizontal and vertical lines, or clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Understanding what these words mean will help you to read maps and maybe stop you from getting lost!

Do you know North from South or horizontal from vertical lines? Take this quiz and discover what you know about position.

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  1. If something turns in the opposite direction to the hands of a clock, what is it called?
    The Sun moves clockwise across the sky - unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case it move anticlockwise
  2. What is the name given to something that goes from left to right?
    Horizontal is left to right like the horizon
  3. Which compass point is on the left?
    The Sun always sets in the west
  4. A right angle turn is equivalent to?
    If the minute hand on a clock started at the 12 and moved one quarter turn to point at the 3, it would be quarter past the hour
  5. What is a diagonal line?
    Diagonal lines are straight, but neither vertical nor horizontal
  6. On a grid, which straight run of squares goes in a horizontal line?
    The vertical lines of squares are columns
  7. Which compass point is at the bottom?
    South points down. The South Pole is at the bottom of a globe
  8. Which way does vertical go?
    The walls of most buildings are vertical
  9. Which compass point is at the top?
    North points up. The North Pole is at the top of a globe
  10. Which compass point is on the right?
    To remember the compass points use a rhyme such as 'Never Eat Slimy Worms'

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