KS2 Maths Quiz
Position (Year 4)
The compass point opposite South East is North West.

Position (Year 4)

As children progress through KS2 they will learn more about position and direction in Maths. As well as understanding the points on a compass and other basic terms, such as horizontal or clockwise, in Year Four children will now look at degrees which are used to measure angles. They will be taught how many degrees are in a full rotation, a half rotation and a quarter rotation, and they should be able to work out other angles, for example one twelfth of a rotation.

Working out position usually involves tools such as compasses, used to show the direction of North, or protractors, which are used to measure the number of degrees in angles. There are 360 degrees in circle and 180 degrees in a half circle. 180 degrees are not only found in a half circle - a triangle and a straight line also both have 180 degrees.

Do you know the difference between North West and South East? How many degrees are there in a right angle? See how much you know by playing this quiz all about position.

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  1. How many degrees is a right angle turn?
    A right angle turn is the same as a quarter turn
  2. Which compass point is opposite South East?
    On a clock face North West would be halfway between the 10 and the 11
  3. How many degrees in a quarter turn?
    One quarter turn will be equivalent to one quarter of 360o
  4. If a clock hand moves from 12 to 1 how many degrees has it turned?
    There are 12 hours on a clock face so to work out how many degrees one hour is, divide 360 by 12
  5. Which compass point is between South and East?
    On a clock face South East would be halfway between the 4 and the 5
  6. Where is the compass point North East found?
    On a clock face North East would be halfway between the 1 and the 2
  7. What is the compass point between South and West?
    To remember the position of the compass points, use a rhyme such as 'Never Eat Slimy Worms'
  8. If a clock hand moves from 12 to 3 how much has it turned?
    When the minute hand points to the 3 on a clock face it shows one quarter of an hour
  9. If a clock hand moves from 6 to 12 how many degrees has it turned?
    From 6 to 12 is equivalent to one half turn
  10. How many degrees is one whole turn?
    Half a turn is 180o

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