KS2 Maths Quiz
Percentages (Year 6)
A dress is £40. There is a 10% discount off the dress. The dress now costs £36.

Percentages (Year 6)

In KS2 Maths children will come to understand percentages as proportions of whole numbers. In Year Six children should be confident when converting decimal numbers into percentages, and vice versa. They should also be more familiar with the values of fractions as percentages, knowing that a third is approximately 33% for example. They should also be able to work out the percentage values of fractions they are unfamiliar with.

Percentages are proportions of whole numbers. You will probably have come across adults talking about a 5% pay rise or 10% inflation for example. But what does this actually mean? Well, 5% is the same as one twentieth so a 5% pay rise means an extra 5p in every £1. But 10% is the same as one tenth so 10% inflation means that prices have gone up by 10p in every £1!

See how much you have learned about percentages as proportions of whole numbers by trying the following quiz.

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  1. Which of these is more than half?
    50% is half so 62% is the only option which is higher
  2. Which percentage is equivalent to 0.28?
    0.28 and 28% both mean 28100
  3. What percentage is 34?
    75% and 0.75 are both the same as 34
  4. Which is roughly 13?
    100 ÷ 3 = 33.333...
  5. What is 25% of 40?
    To find 25% of a number divide by 4
  6. Which is roughly equivalent to 67%?
    23 is 0.666... or 66.666...%
  7. What is 50% of 250?
    To find 50% of a number halve the number
  8. A football team played 20 games. They lost 25% and won the rest. How many games did they win?
    If they lost 25% (5 games) then they won 75% (15 games). The two percentages add up to 100
  9. A dress is £40. There is a 10% discount off the dress. How much is the dress?
    To find 10% of a number divide by 10
  10. Which of these is less than 25%?
    120 is the same as 5%

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