A snake needs to shed its skin regularly as it grows.


As a part of Science in KS2, children will look at growth in plants, animals and in humans. One obvious example of growth is the one that the children are themselves (slowly!) experiencing - the transformation from child to adult.

Growth is maturing. Growing is something that you are doing all the time without even having to think about it. You grow a little bit taller every day, although you may not notice it. Over time you will have changed from a child into an adult. But humans are not the only living organisms to grow - animals and plants do too. You may have seen your pet change from a small puppy into a fully grown dog. It's easy to see plants growing - plant some seeds and, before long, they'll have roots and stems.

How long does it take to grow from a child into an adult? When do animals stop growing? See how much you know about growth by trying this science quiz.

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  1. Which of the following is not made up of cells?
    Marble is made of tiny particles, not cells
  2. Which of these objects is not made of materials which were once alive?
    Wool and leather come from animals and wood comes from trees - these materials come from living organisms
  3. Which of the following living organisms grows?
    All living organisms grow! Growth is one of the life processes. Adults continue to grow, hair and nails for example - they just don't (usually) grow taller!
  4. When do living organisms stop growing?
    Living organisms only stop growing at death
  5. Living organisms grow by producing what?
    Cells are also produced to repair a living organism when it has been injured or damaged
  6. What tiny things are living organisms made from?
    All living organisms are made up of cells. Even once-living materials such as wood, wool or leather are still made up of cells
  7. In order to see most cells, what must you use?
    Only a few cells are large enough to be seen with the naked eye
  8. Which living organism needs to shed its skin regularly as it grows?
    The outer skin of a snake is dead and cannot grow - as the snake grows, a new layer of skin forms underneath and the old skin is shed. Many insects regularly discard their exoskeletons for the same reason
  9. In order to grow well, what do plants need?
    Minerals from the soil help plants to grow as well as possible
  10. In order to grow well, what does the human body need?
    Without food, water and rest we would soon die

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