Life Cycles - Animals
Young rabbits are known as kittens.

Life Cycles - Animals

Understanding life cycles is an important part of life and it is one of the topics covered in KS2 Science. This is the first of two quizzes on the subject and it focusses on the life cycles of animals, from birth to death.

The life cycles of animals are the stages from birth to death. All living things grow and change, including you! The journey from birth, through growth and change, to death, is called the life cycle. For insects, it starts with an egg. Then a larva emerges. This becomes a pupa and finally an adult. Humans are born as babies. We then grow into children and adolescents before we become adults.

Do you know all of the stages in an animal's life? What's the difference between a pupa, a chrysalis and a cocoon? See how much you know about the life cycle of animals by trying this quiz.

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  1. Gestation is another name for pregnancy. Which of these animals has the longest gestation period?
    Elephant gestation takes 616 days - that's over one year and eight months!
  2. Which of these is the correct order of an insect's life cycle?
    When the adult reproduces and lays eggs, the whole cycle begins again
  3. A butterfly larva is called a caterpillar. In its next stage, what happens to the caterpillar?
    Chrysalis is another name for an insect pupa - it is also called a cocoon
  4. Why is reproduction a necessary part of the life cycle?
    As all animals eventually die, young animals have to be produced to take their place
  5. Cats give birth to kittens. The young of which of the following animals are also known as kittens?
    The young of beavers, mice, rats and squirrels are all called kittens too
  6. Which adult animal looks very different when it is young?
    Tadpoles change quite a bit as they grow into adult frogs
  7. Which of the following is not a stage in an animal's life cycle?
    An animal life cycle includes birth, growth, reproduction and death
  8. Different animals have different life spans. Approximately how long is the average human life span?
    Although people in many countries around the world have a life expectancy that is less than 70 years, the average healthy person can expect to live to at least that age
  9. In the human life cycle, which stage comes after childhood and before adulthood?
    Another word for adolescence is teenage
  10. Which of the following species gives birth to live young?
    Nearly all mammals give birth to live young, the only exceptions being the platypus and some spiny anteaters, known as echidna, all of which are unique to Australia

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