Materials Vocabulary
An absorbent material (such as a sponge) is able to soak up liquid easily.

Materials Vocabulary

Certain words need to be added to a child's vocabulary in order for them to understand the world. This KS2 Science quiz helps to clarify the meanings of some words used to describe the properties and types of materials.

A materials vocabulary is the words used to describe matter. 'Matter' is everything that exists in the world. When we talk about a particular type of matter, we refer to it as a 'material' or a 'substance'. In order to talk about matter, its many different forms and their properties, we need to use the right vocabulary. Words like 'porous' or 'smooth' describe some properties and words like 'liquid' or 'metal' describe some types of materials. There are many different words used to describe materials and this quiz will help you to remember some of them.

What does 'permeable' mean? What is the difference between a 'solvent' and a 'solute'? Try this science quiz to see how many of the words used to describe materials you know.

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  1. How might we describe a material which does not allow water to pass through it?
    Permeable material allows water to pass through it easily
  2. How would we describe a material which can be dissolved in a liquid?
    Sugar dissolves in a cup of tea so it is soluble
  3. What do we call it when something changes from a liquid to a gas?
    A puddle has evaporated when the water in it has become gas (water vapour)
  4. What do we call a mixture of two materials, in which one of the materials has been dissolved?
    Salt water is a solution - water is the solvent and salt is the solute
  5. What do we call a material which is produced without the aid of people?
    Manufactured materials, such as plastic, have been produced by people
  6. What do we call it when a material is heated and changes into a liquid?
    Solid butter liquefies, or melts, when heated and solid ice becomes liquid water
  7. A state of matter in which a material flows freely while keeping the same volume is called what?
    'Keeping the same volume' means that the material does not expand and cannot be compressed
  8. A state of matter in which a substance can expand to fill its space is called what?
    Air is a mixture of several gases - it is not a state of matter
  9. How would we describe a material which is able to soak up liquid easily?
    A sponge is an absorbent material
  10. What do we call it when something changes state from gas to liquid?
    You might have seen condensation on the bathroom mirror. Water vapour in the air is cooled by the mirror and turns into a liquid

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