The Parts of a Plant
A tree's stem is called a trunk.

The Parts of a Plant

In this KS2 Science quiz we look at the names and functions of some plant parts, such as roots, stems, leaves and flowers.

You may know the different parts of a plant but did you know they all have a function, or job? Leaves, for example, catch sunlight and turn it into food, and roots suck up water and nutrients from the ground. The Venus Flytrap is one of the most unusual plants in the world. Unlike the vast majority of plants, the Venus Flytrap is meat-eating - it traps and digests insects! Despite this, the Venus Flytrap still behaves like other plants - it can make food from sunlight falling on its leaves - and has the same parts as other plants.

Do you know the function of flowers, or which part of a plant transports water from its roots to its other parts? How well do you know the parts of plants? Test your plant knowledge with this science quiz.

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  1. Flowers play a role in which of a plant's life processes?
    Flowers are where pollen is transferred, eggs are fertilised and seeds and fruits develop
  2. What do we call a tree's stem?
    Tree trunks are much harder than the stems of other types of plants - that's because they are made of wood!
  3. What will the fertilised ovary of a flower become?
    All fruits grow from fertilised flowers and contain seeds - except those few which have been bred to be seedless (like some clementines and grapes)
  4. Which one of the following is not one of the female parts of a flower?
    The stamen is the male part of a flower
  5. What do buds become?
    Did you know that Brussels sprouts are actually buds?
  6. When a seed germinates, what is the first plant part to grow out of the seed?
    First the root grows, then a shoot
  7. Which parts of a plant contain chlorophyll and are essential for photosynthesis?
    Chlorophyll gives leaves their green colour
  8. Which parts of a plant anchor it to the ground and also absorb water from the soil?
    Nutrients are also absorbed from the soil by roots
  9. Which part of a plant transports water from its roots to the rest of the plant?
    Stems also provide support for plants and help leaves to reach the sunlight
  10. Which part of a flower produces pollen grains?
    The anther is a part of the stamen

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