Adverbs 01
In the sentence 'The greyounds ran quickly', which is the adverb?

Adverbs 01

Adverbs are used to modify other words. One of the most frequent jobs for an adjective to perform is to add information to the verb. In the sentence, "He shouted loudly to his friend", the verb is "shouted" and the adverb is "loudly". The word "loudly" modifies the verb.

Adverbs also modify adjectives and other adverbs. In the sentence, "She moved rather quickly", the adverb "quickly" adds some information to the verb, "moved". But she didn't just move "quickly", she moved "rather quickly". "Rather" is an adverb modifying, or adding information to, another adverb. In the sentence, "It was an extremely pleasant evening", the adjective "pleasant" is modified by the adverb "extremely". As you can see, adverbs are very adaptable and can be used to add all sorts of information to your writing. One tip which might help you spot some adverbs is that many of them end with the -ly suffix.

Select the adverbs in the following sentences of our quiz on adverbs.

  1. He ran quickly in last year's race.
    The word "quickly" adds to the verb "ran"
  2. Use words effectively to produce interesting writing.
    The word "effectively" modifies the verb "use"
  3. Produce interesting writing consistently using adverbs.
    The word "consistently" modifies the verb "produce"
  4. Interesting writing is produced by using adverbs well.
    The word "well" modifies the present participle verb, "using"
  5. Produce writing efficiently using adverbs well.
    "Efficiently" modifies "produce" and "well" modifies "using"
  6. Write efficiently using many adverbs effectively.
    "Efficiently" refers to the verb "write", while "effectively" refers to using adverbs. Both of these adverbs describe "how" to do the action (write, use)
  7. Use many adverbs effectively to enhance your writing.
    "Effectively" is the adverb here. "Many" is an adjective
  8. Many interesting adverbs enhance writing appropriately.
    Adverbs and the verbs they modify can be separated by other words: enhance (verb) writing appropriately (adverb)
  9. He ran quickly last season but slowly this season.
    Adverbs can be used in pairs: "quickly" and "slowly" are antonyms
  10. He started slowly then ran quickly and finished early.
    Adverbs can describe verbs in many ways. "Early" is an example of an adverb describing the time an action took place

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